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Order Management API (Downloading and Bulk Processing Orders)

Following popular request we have introduced an Application Programming Interface (API) to enable you to extract Yumbles order data and feed it automatically in to an external system that you already use for seamless order management.

This is ideal for sellers who have additionally large order volumes external to Yumbles and wish to manage all orders in the one place. 


Key functions available

By using the order management API you will be able to perform the following tasks from your own order management system for Yumbles orders:

  • View all order data
  • View and print Yumbles packing slips 
  • Update order statuses (e.g. to Dispatched)
  • Amend the estimated delivery dates of orders
  • Add an internal Staff Note to the order


NOTE: it is not currently possible to send messages to Yumbles customers via the interface but this extension is planned.  For the time being you would still need to login in to the Seller Portal to message customers as needed and check Inbox messages (avoiding reliance on email as always).


Using the Order Management API

Using this API requires technical work at your end to integrate with your own system so you will need to have a programmer able to work with an API.

If you would like to make use of this capability contact us so that we can grant you an access account and send you the technical documentation.

We can also confirm a scheduled call time for your programmer to attend to run through any questions or issues they may have with our technical team.








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