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Delivery Estimates Now on Product Listings



Buyers no longer have to wait until checkout to find out if the item they want will arrive by the date they need it.  They can now see your estimated delivery timescales directly on your product listings.

We have made this change in direct response to customer feedback and also analysis on abandoned baskets at checkout.


What do these timescales show?

The UK Delivery timescales will show the latest estimated date by when your Standard (or Economy if you don't offer Standard) shipping option infers delivery will be made if they order at that moment.

If your Standard (or Economy) shipping option calculates the estimated delivery dates as a range then the latest date in that range will be used.

If you have different timescales for different parts of the UK then it will show a UK Mainland Delivery timescale.

If you also offer Next Day and/ or Saturday delivery options then the guaranteed delivery date, if they order there and then, will be shown.


How are these timescales calculated?

These timescales are the same calculations used for the estimated delivery dates shown at checkout and shown to buyers on their order confirmation emails and to you in the Seller Portal as the estimated delivery dates by which you need to aim for.

The timescales come directly from the settings in your shipping methods (options) - where the days you need to dispatch, the days you dispatch, your cut-off times, and your deliver services timescales are all defined separately to then create an estimated delivery date.


What it means for you?

This puts further emphasis on the need for you to ensure that the settings in your shipping methods accurately reflect the service that you provide.

To review and amend the settings go to the Shipping Methods page in the Seller Portal.  Also see this guide on configuring these settings.

Key note: it is imperative that your settings correctly reflect the service you provide. Avoid the temptation to make your shipping timescales look faster than the service you actually provide.  This will only cause high levels of customer dissatisfaction and accordingly we monitor the % of your orders being dispatched in line with your communicated timescales.


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