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Packaging Guide

The number one topic of discussion we hear whenever we get a group of Yumbles makers together is - "packaging, help!"

Here at Yumbles we're big on packaging.  It's a key part of our curation criteria for good reason.  Not only so that (very importantly) the produce arrives in great shape but also because presentation matters when buying quality produce, even more so if the item is for a gift.

With that in mind we've created this brief guide showing some of the best packaging examples we've come across in the tens of thousands of products we've seen over the years.  We'll update this regularly with any new examples so check back.


But first our top tips:

  • To avoid breakage in transit try the rattle test. Shake the parcel and if the contents rattle then the risk of damage is high.  Fragile signs won't save it.
  • Reflect your brand in your packaging - from the choice of material, tissue paper colour and little touches such as twine or ribbon.
  • Packaging doesn't always need to be complicated nor expensive - sometimes a simple white box and an inner layer of tissue paper in your brands colours can be all that is needed to look great.
  • If your product can smear then make sure you have a separator like tissue paper between the product and the lid.
  • Use address labels (included on the Yumbles packing slip) on the outer packaging for a professional and efficient look.
  • And inside the box, don't forget to include:
  • The Yumbles packing slip. Apart from being a mandatory condition of trading on Yumbles, the packing slip contains key information for the recipient not to mention a Yumbles funded discount code for their next purchase.
  • Ingredients information and nutritional advice, particularly if legally required. 
  • Instructions for use if it's not clear.
  • A gift message if that is an option you offer (recommended!) and the buyer selected it.
  • A hand written note from you is also always a great personal touch even just "Hope you enjoy it!"








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