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Mid Year Update - Video Message from Yumbles HQ!




Q. How's the marketplace doing?
A. Our goal is to at least double sales on the marketplace again this year and so far we're happy to say we're on track - with strong sales growth across the marketplace.

July is always the softest month of the year and this month is no exception (further dampened ironically by all the recent good weather which always hits ecommerce!). That said we're already seeing the momentum resuming.

We expect to see sales building considerably through August and September and into the peak period in the 4th quarter of the year.

(Important fact - over 50% of annual sales on Yumbles happen in November & December.)

Q. What's to come?
A. We are working on a whole host of enhancements to the platform (particularly the experience on mobile) and marketing optimisations to keep the fast growth of the marketplace continuing.

Also of note:

* Marketing options:we're regularly asked by our makers how they can get more marketing exposure so we're putting together a more structured marketing "toolkit" as we speak so it is far easier for you to get the support you need. Watch this space later this month.

* Christmas: in August we'll be sharing Christmas campaign information & start a guide series on how to maximise this key season starting with insights.

Q. What can our Makers do to further grow their sales?
We've always emphasised that the marketplace is a partnership between us and you, our makers. While we work day in and day out putting your products in front of thousands of relevant customers, success depends on what you put in.

This "quiet" period is always a good time for some all important planning and improvements to maximise success in the peak second half of the year.

  • Review your listings: does your range look compelling and differentiated from other items in your category? Are the descriptions good, product photos striking and clear, shipping options competitive? See our full guide.
  • Christmas prep: if your business is seasonally relevant to Christmas/ gifting relevant then you should be finalising the details on any planned additions or changes to your ranges. List them on Yumbles as soon as you can so we can factor them in to our marketing plans.



It's been a great first half but we're even more excited about what's to come. Yumbles is by far the largest artisan food marketplace in the UK but we still see so much more potential ahead.

As always get in touch with us if there's anything else you need.

Stay tuned for more important updates and announcements from us over the next couple of weeks.


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