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What piece of business advice would you give fellow producers?

In a recent survey to our sellers we asked:

What's the #1 piece of business advice you would give fellow producers?

And here's what they said!



Customer is king

Delight your customers always! Its so nice to get great feedback and happy returning customers.

Customer Service is key to success!

Answer all potential customer questions as quickly as possible. We found that people who ask a question usually always order. Also if you feel the customer is ordering something unsuitable for any reason, be prepared to tell them. It will save time, any negativity and refunds at a later date.

Be super quick despatching orders. Customers like ordering today and receiving tomorrow. They'll remember the quick delivery!

The Customer Is ALWAYS Right!!!

even when your teeth are gritted, the customer is ALWAYS right!

Listen to your customers and fellow producers. Collaboration is king also.


Marketing & Sales

Get onto as many sales channels as you can, but don't be fooled by those that take really small commission rates

Branding is key to everything


Product photography is key

Ensure your photography is great.

Good photography!

best photos ever on listings - pay for professional ones. internet shoppers shop with their eyes......

Ensure your photos are professional and show off the product in a premium way so that yumbles are keen to showcase them

Good product photography is crucial.

Having great product photography is key to standing out on the platform.


Smart business management

If you plan something will take 1 day to get things done - triple it

If you want to grow: Listen, be patient, network and learn.

Keep a busy mind (and busy notebook) for new product ideas

Be prepared to invest time and money in promoting your product and understanding the marketplace as Yumbles provides the best infrastructure and support to help maximise your sales.

Budget well and watch your cash flow

work with people you like, it makes your job much easier :-)


Patience is a virtue


Be patient and don't give up!

Don't give up! It is hard going but every win however small is a win

Take one day at a time and enjoy each of the steps you make. Learn from the ones that don't turn out as you would have liked, they are not failures, but rather growing and preparing you for the next stage.

Keep at it. Persistence pays off.


In your ideas and beliefs

Be original.

Never stop learning and evolving your business and proposition.

Have faith in your products. Stay strong when it comes to pricing, only you know the hard work (& love) that is involved in creating your products.

Be passionate about what you do!!!!

Believe in your idea/product and share your passion

Look to success of producers

 Keep it simple!

A silly idea ends up being the best idea!


Our favourite?

Get on Yumbles if you can, it's a fantastic marketplace with great products run by passionate foodies.



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