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Christmas Catalogue: Image Requirements

To be featured in the Christmas catalogue we have some key requirements to ensure an excellent catalogue can be produced, and ensure your product is promoted to best effect. 

For an idea of the overall layout and quality of photography please see last year's catalogue here.

The product photo submitted for featuring in the catalogue must adhere to the following requirements:


1. Be high resolution (at least 300 dpi is needed for print).

For example:

WELCOME (46).png


2. Work with the following dimensions depending on the page slot in your booking:

    • 1/2 page: 126mm wide x 67mm high (landscape)
    • 1/4 page: 61mm wide x 67mm high (portrait)
    • 1/6 page: 40mm wide x 53mm high (portrait)

WELCOME (51)00.png


3. Clearly show the full product as the main focus of the image

For example:

Mince Pies  Vegan and Refined Sugar Free.jpg


4. Be a "lifestyle" photo (i.e. your product on a real background, no product cutout photos or artwork).

For example:

Festive Vegan Cookie Bundle.jpeg


5. Not have any graphical or text overlays. Just a photo of the product.

For example:



6. Have a light background only. The product photo should not have an all black or very dark background.

For example:

WELCOME (56).png


We also strongly emphasise that the quality, style and composition of the photo must be of a high quality, be attractive and in keeping with the standard seen across Yumbles marketing.

The quality of your photo will have a big impact on the success of your campaign.

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