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Seller Interviews: The Boutique Cupcake Company (episode 9)

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Lisa Cohen is the proud owner of The Boutique Cupcake Company which opened its doors in 2009. She wanted to offer something original, stunning, and different to the traditional 'swish & a swirl'. Here is what Lisa has to say about how her journey began.


What do you love most about your job?

I love coming up with designs and products that I'd love to receive myself.


What's the most challenging part about running your business?

Keeping up with social media etc as well as getting orders out & running the business.


How has food inflation affected your business and how are you managing it?

It has definitely affected the business - trying to balance loss of profit against inflating my product prices is very challenging in this climate. I have tried to find the balance between the two but still feel bad that this is necessary as our customers are also struggling at the moment and cakes are definitely a luxury item for most people.


What resources do you use to stay up-to-date/ahead in the food & beverage industry?

Mainly social media, googling similar businesses.


What would you do differently if you could go back and start your business again?

I'd possibly limit my range and try not to be too influenced by what's in trend especially if I don't like making that product or don't think I do it very well. That's how I do things now but it took me a few years to believe in my own strengths and designs.


What's the best business lesson you've learnt?

Sometimes to just say no..


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