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Tips: 7 ways to boost your sales

 Behind the scenes at Doisy & Dam - where the magic happens!


You're listed on Yumbles the UK's largest artisan food and drink marketplace.  Time to sit back and wait for the orders to roll in right? 

Well not quite.  Being listed on Yumbles plugs you in to a great and ever increasing exposure opportunity, but just like having a stall at a real market, your success depends on what you put in.


7 must do steps to succeed:


1. Invest in your "shop"

First step in success online is to make sure your online shop is top notch.  Are you presenting your product range in the best way possible?


Key things to look at:

  • Great product images - check out our guide.
  • Fantastic product descriptions - check out our guide.
  • Offer reasonable shipping charges and in keeping with your typical order values - "£10 to ship a £3 jar? No thanks!".  If your products have a low unit value think about offering them in quantity or in logical product bundles so that the economics make sense to buyers. 
  • Do you have new products without any product reviews? Add existing testimonials you have from customers outside of Yumbles.
  • Add a Gift message option on all your gift listings.
  • Is the range of products you offer on Yumbles optimal?
    • is it suited to the Yumbles audience?
    • are your products sufficiently differentiated, including at a first glance from the listing? Does the USP of what you offer standout, and is it unique to other items in your category?  
    • If you offer your product in quantity and/ or product bundles do you have the right quantity/ the right bundle offering?  
    • Consider ideas like pick and mix selection boxes, and taster packs where relevant to your products to encourage new customers to try your products.  


2. Maximise your search friendliness

Listing on Yumbles you are automatically benefiting from extensive search engine optimisation and paid internet marketing.

Help increase the exposure of your listings by:


3. Spread the word about your Yumbles shop

The more sales you have the more your visibility will rise on the marketplace.  

Kick start your sales by letting your fans know you've been hand-picked to be a Yumbles seller:

  • announce the news on your social media
  • add a link to your Yumbles shop on your website
  • if you have an email database send out a newsletter


4. Content content

Give us your (great) content to help us spread the word about you:

  • we LOVE behind the scenes footage showing how you make your produce - photos, videos. If you have some great quality footage send them to us so we can help tell your story
  • post interesting content on our Community platform - find out more here
  • send us your key news and press releases and any new promotional material: we'll share what we can
  • connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and tag us on your posts where relevant so that we can see and where possible re-publish your content


5. Promotions

You can offer a promotion at any time on Yumbles which can be great to kick start sales, acquire new customers or reward loyal customers. See our Promotions guide.


  • get involved in key promotion periods such as Black Friday/ Cyber Monday weekend and the January Sale
  • offer exclusive deals for Yumbles Food Explorer Club members
  • include the packing slip in every order - it contains a discount code for your customers that is funded by Yumbles


6. Deliver a great service

It's age old but for good reason. Giving great customer service leads to happy customers and happy customers mean more sales, referrals and great product reviews. 

In particular be sure to:

  • keep your stock levels (available to buy quantity) up to date as much as possible to avoid disappointment.
  • ship your amazing produce on time, within the estimated delivery dates (or within 1-2 days of the requested dates for advance orders)
  • keep your order statuses up to date so that customers are kept informed and assured of their order
  • if the parcel is being sent out tracked - provide the tracking information to the buyers
  • reply quickly to customer messages in your inbox


7. Marketing Add-Ons

We have some marketing add-ons that can provide you with boosted exposure at a time when you most want it.   Find out more about Featured Products and our multi-channel Marketing Packages (coming soon).



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