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10 Golden Rules for all Sellers

The Seller Terms & Conditions detail the full t&cs for all sellers listing on Yumbles but below is a summary of the key rules to be aware of.

Most are common sense and simply relate to you offering a great service to Yumbles buyers which is really all we ask.


For your listings:

1. Maintain high listing standards

Absolutely key to the Yumbles experience is maintaining high standards across all facets.  To ensure that the highest standard of quality is maintained across the site we ask that  you make sure that your listings adhere with our product listing guidelines. See here.  

Review your listings as if you were a buyer with no knowledge of your product. Is the information compelling, clear and available options and product variants clearly explained.

A high standard of product photography is essential.  We understand that many of our makers might not be able to invest in professional photography but we do ask that all images, and particularly the main image used on listings, clearly shows the product being sold and is light, bright, simply styled and inspiring.


2. Keep your product availability up to date

  • If an item is in stock make sure the available to buy field is positive.  
  • If an item is temporarily unavailable (i.e. for less than 4 weeks) mark the available to buy field quantity as 0.  You might want to also change the Out of Stock actions field to “Sign up for notification” to allow customers to get notified by email when you put it back in stock.
  • If an item is unavailable for 4 or more weeks (including seasonal items) then change the listing status to Disabled to remove it from the marketplace until you can reactivate it later.

When managing orders:


3. Confirm orders within 1 working day

No order should remain "Pending" for more than 1 working day.   We ask all sellers to confirm orders by changing their status to Processing, this includes advance orders. See our guide to order statuses.


4. Include the Yumbles packing slip within all orders

This slip includes a Yumbles funded discount code.  

We also require that you don’t include any materials in the order that direct Yumbles customers to your own website.


5. Ship orders on time to meet the estimated (or guaranteed) delivery dates shown on the orders

See this guide on how the estimated delivery dates shown to your buyers are calculated for the shipping options you offer, and how you can amend the settings if they don’t correctly reflect the service you are offering.


NOTE: for advance orders unless they chose a guaranteed service option you just need to ensure that the items arrive no later than the requested advance order date, but also ideally no more than 2 days earlier.

6. If any delay to an order is unavoidable, let the customer know

As soon as possible let customers know their order will be late by amending the estimated delivery date if the later date is known or using the Back Ordered status. Also send them a message via the order.

7.  Mark the order as Dispatched the day it is shipped (and provide tracking information if tracked)

We know this can feel like admin but it really is key and we require it. When you mark an order as dispatched the customer is notified their order is on it's way and that sets an expectation. Marking orders as dispatched prematurely and also belatedly are the top causes of customer dissatisfaction.

What's more if the item is tracked give the customer the tracking information in the fields provided.  



Returns, Refunds & General Customer Service


8. Responsiveness to customer messages

We expect all sellers to strive to provide excellent customer service to everyone, and seek to resolve any questions or issues quickly.  We have a detailed guide here for handling customer complaints.

We ask that you keep a close eye on your inbox in the Seller Portal and don’t rely on the email notifications.  We ask that all sellers reply back to buyers within 2 working days at most, ideally within 1 day.


9. Keep all communications within the Seller Portal, and all payments via Yumbles

Don’t ask customers to email you directly. If phone communication is needed then summarise what has been agreed back via a message in the Seller Portal.  This keeps a clear record with each order, and means we can help if we're called on in a dispute scenario.

All payments must be made via Yumbles.  See our guide on taking extra payment for orders here, and our guide on bespoke orders here.


10. Respond correctly (and quickly) to return/ refund requests

See our policy on returns and refunds that all sellers are asked to adhere to as a minimum.  Also see detailed guide here for handling customer complaints.

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