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Delivery policy



The Yumbles Delivery policy can be viewed here.

Key points to note:

  • There's standard terminology for shipping options across the marketplace so that it is easy to understand for all customers.  


  • Delivery timescales communicated to buyers and shown on orders are the time it takes for an order to be delivered from the date of order, not when you dispatch.  In setting your shipping options make sure that the settings correctly calculate the right timescales that fit the service you provide, and that you strive to meet those timescales.  If you have set a shipping option as a guaranteed delivery option then it is a promised timescales that needs to be met.  Otherwise all other timescales shown are "estimated" but sellers are still expected to meet those estimates for the majority of deliveries.


  • We ask that delivery charges are kept reasonable and within the maximums set out in the policy, with the exception of very large/ heavy or items requiring special shipment such as as items shipped chilled.



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