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Tips: effective product descriptions


Product descriptions have a strong influence on sales success. They help determine both the exposure of your product via search results, and of course help convince customers who then view your listing, to buy.

Here's our top tips:


1. Highlight the USP

From it's unique flavours, to how it's made, to your story...upfront in the description succinctly spell out what makes your product special and different from alternatives.  Don't just rely on generic statements (90% of the products on Yumbles are artisan and handmade!) - show uniqueness. Remember your listings are viewed in isolation from your seller profile page so don't assume your brand story is known.


2. Spell out what you're selling

Don't assume from the product name and photo the customer knows exactly what they'll get.  Be clear on flavours, sizes, quantities included in the listing and also how it comes packaged (particularly key for gift items).


3. Cover the FAQs 

What's the shelf life of your dispatched items?  Does it have any special storage requirements?  What's it used for?  Answer all obvious questions so that customers have all they need to know to buy.


4. Include keywords

Keywords found in your product listing title and description (and tags) help determine where your listing appears in search results (both on Yumbles and search engines like Google).  Make sure that the keywords most relevant to your product are included in both the title and the description.  Think what search terms would customers use to look for products like yours?  


  • If you're selling "raw chocolate" make sure it repeats those keywords in both the title and the description. 
  • If the item is targeted as a gift item include the word "gift" (or "hamper" if it's a hamper).


5. Have a well structured description

For search engine optimisation you'll want to have at least 250 words in your description, and also you'll need to have a fairly lengthy description to cover off the key information in points 1 to 3 above.

However, it can be alot of information and we humans have very short attention spans particularly online!   Most buyers will scan descriptions to find what answers they need.

Use logical paragraphs (and bulleted lists where relevant) to quickly help the customer make their purchasing decision.

The following structure works well:

  • Paragraph 1: Grab Attention. The first paragraph should be no more than 1-2 sentences and convey quickly what is the product and why is it special.  Grab the customers attention and make them want to learn more.
  • Paragraph 2: Elevator Pitch. This section should complete the sell. Elaborate a little more about the product and why it's special and what exactly they'd be getting (and what it's for if it's not clear).  
  • Paragraph 3:  Buying Options.  Explain any choices/ options they have when ordering such as sizes, flavours, decorative choices, personalisatio etc.
  • Paragraph 4: FAQs. Cover off any likely questions such as shelf life/ storage information.  Missing key information will prevent orders no matter how great a sales job you have done in the above sections. 


 6.  Don't duplicate content (even from your own site)

Search engines like Google don't like it, so no matter how much we have optimised the Yumbles site we're not going to get your products appearing as high up in search engines as we'd like if your product description has identical text to text found on other sites including your own.  Make sure to make good variations to the copy in your Yumbles listings so it is not identical.


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