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Going on holiday

If you are taking a break from fulfilling orders for 2 weeks or less you can set a holiday period for your shop.

Setting your shop on holiday will revise the estimated delivery dates for all orders received during your holiday in accordance with when you return.

If your break is more than two weeks, or if you prefer to stop orders while you are away, please change the status of all your listings to Out of Stock by changing the quantity available to buy to 0 units, to pause orders altogether while you are away.


How to set your Holiday dates

To specify your holiday dates go to the menu Administration > Holidays

Set the Start Date as your final day you will be shipping orders before your break.

Set the End Date as your first day back when you will resume processing orders as normal.

For example if you are taking a break between Christmas and New Year you may set your start date as Thursday 24th December and your end date as Monday 4th January.


Estimated delivery date calculation

Orders received between the holiday dates you specify will show an estimated delivery date calculated as follows: 

End Date + your usual delivery timescales (i.e. Processing time + Shipping time)

For example, if you offer Economy Delivery (2 days processing plus 1-3 days shipping) and you set a Christmas holiday period that ends with your first date back as Monday 4th January, orders received during your holiday period will show an estimated delivery date range of Thursday 7th January to Monday 11th January.


You can view and amend your delivery timescales in Administration  > Shipping  >Shipping Methods.









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