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Yumbles fees

Our mission is to enable independent food makers to market their great products and sell them online, as well as increase awareness of their brand.

With this in mind we believe that our success should be closely tied to yours.  Therefore we have the following fees on Yumbles.


Service (or Commission) Fee

The service fee is 18% + 30p (subject to VAT) per order. This fee is applied across the gross or total order value (i.e. product charges + shipping charge).

For example: you receive an order for 6 jars of your finest jam. The jams are priced at £3.50 each.  Your shipping charge is £3.20.  The total order value is £24.20.   Our fee is £4.66 (18%*£24.20 + £0.30) plus VAT.


Monthly Account Fee

From the end of October 2018 we are  introducing a nominal fixed monthly account fee.  By featuring on Yumbles you receive significant brand exposure to a large and highly relevant audience, and other benefits such as the extensive support and advice we regularly provide our sellers, and featuring your brand in our trade directory.  

The monthly account fee enables us to continue and expand on this investment in our sellers while also helping ensure that all sellers featured on Yumbles are committed to participating actively in the marketplace, which is so essential for success.  

The monthly account fee is deducted from your account balance at the end of every month, and is calculated based on your last 12 months sales.

(Find out more about this monthly account fee here).


Refund fee

At our discretion, we may apply a refund fee on refunded orders, which is the equivalent of the usual service fee, wherever we identify there has been any clear mismanagement of an order.

Examples of such scenarios include (but aren't limited to):

  • continuing to declinine orders due to being out of stock but still not updating the availability of your products,
  • declining orders several days after they have been placed without any prior communication with the customers,
  • having to refund orders that were dispatched late without any prior communication with the customers advising them of delays to their orders.

For more help on order management, see here >>.


Fee Invoices

Each month when payments are made we issue an invoice to you confirming the fees deducted from your sales.  Find our service fee invoices in the Invoices section of the Seller Portal.


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