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Yumbles service fee

We like to keep thing simple and purely success based.  

The exposure and benefits of being on the Yumbles marketplace, part of our seller community, regularly featuring in our marketing activities offsite and also featuring in our trade directory, all come for free.

The only fee is a service fee on a per order basis.

The service fee is 18% + 30p (subject to VAT) per order. This fee is applied across the gross or total order value (i.e. product charges + shipping charge).

For example: you receive an order for 6 jars of your finest jam. The jams are priced at £3.50 each.  Your shipping charge is £3.20.  The total order value is £24.20.   Our fee is £4.66 (18%*£24.20 + £0.30) plus VAT.

Each month when payments are made we issue an invoice to you confirming the service fee payment deducted from your sales.  Find our service fee invoices in the Invoices section of the Seller Portal.


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