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You can offer several different types of promotion for your Yumbles shop.


1. Price discounts

Sellers can schedule and activate price promotions via a dedicated Promotions page that can be found under the Marketing menu in the Seller Portal.

It’s an easy way to discount one or several products, including the entire range by defining the period and discount %.

To find out how, read this guide.


2. Free shipping

To offer free shipping on specific products simply edit the product listing(s)selecting "Free Shipping" on the "Shipping Properties" page.  

You will also just need to select which shipping method the free shipping relates to so that customers can understand the delivery timescales and can still choose to upgrade shipping if needed.

TIP: if you wish to offer free shipping across your full range contact Seller Support to update your shipping options too.


3. Conditional basket promotions

For any promotions that are conditional to what is ordered (i.e. number of items, order value etc) contact Seller Support with the details of the promotion you would like to run including the start and end date and we will set it up for you.

This can include promotions such as:

  • a % discount if you spend / buy a certain amount
  • a free product if you spend/ buy a certain amount
  • free shipping if you spend/ buy a certain amount

Once set-up these conditional promotions are then displayed to customers on the site as follows:

  • on all of your product listings
  • in the basket view and again at checkout


Promoting your promotion

Once in place you can share you promotion with your customer databases, across your social media channels or even to your Yumbles buyers by including it with the packing slip in orders.

Always direct buyers to your Yumbles shop (seller) page as the best way to see all of your products and benefit from the promotion.


How will Yumbles promote my promotion?

If you are running a price promotion your discounted products will be automatically shown in the dedicated Offers section. This Offers section has high visibility and is promoted across the site as well as regularly in offsite marketing such as email marketing and on social media.

Individual offers will also be featured in marketing each week  - on the homepage, in email marketing, and in social media. Obviously the more compelling the promotion the more likely (and the more extensively) we will advertise it.

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