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Telling your story

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Guest post by Jo of Relish Marketing. Jo has been working in food businesses – small, medium and large – for over 15 years and has run her own business for the past 7 years. She’s been involved in developing food products from initial ideas right through to seeing them launch in store, covering products such as sauces, oils, soft drinks, cheese, yoghurt and pasta, to name just a few.





Writers often say the beginning of a novel is the hardest bit to write.  It may well be that you are having the same issues with telling your brand story – how and where do you start?

Which is why I have put together the tips below to help you in the telling of your own unique “story”.


First things first –  why do you need to tell your story and how can it help your food or drink business?  It is the telling of your story which will create a real personality for your brand and will allow your customers to connect with you person to person.  It will help them see you as a business run by real people, offering products that can add value to their lives.  A good brand story creates a product that people really care about and want to buy.   You can start to see already why telling your story well could ultimately lead to an increase in sales.


It is really important to know what aspect of your story is going to spark the interest of your customers to make sure you tell it with the right focus.  It’s not about simply relating a story all about your business.  The story is about your customers and the value that they get when they consume/gift your products.  Think of your customers as the “heroes and heroines” in your story and your business as a supporting role!


People respond well to real people and real situations – so ensure that everything you are talking about is show-casing genuine emotions and facts. What about letting your customers tell the story for you, or at least help you, in the form of written testimonials or customer videos?


What is original and unique about your food or drink business?  People are more interested in stories that offer a new angle – so think carefully about what that is in your business.  It may not be the product itself that is unique or original – it could be how you source the ingredients, how it’s made, where the packaging comes from..…


What you say is just as important as how you say it. Make sure you’re using the tone, voice, and communication style that is not only right for your brand’s personality but fits with your customers.

Imagery is a key part of communicating your story – think authentic, original, sparking customer’s interest.


In reality your story starts the first time a customer hears your name, sees your logo, reads a blog, follows you on social media, sees your pack on shelf…..

So it’s important that your story/values that you are communicating are consistent everywhere your brand is seen.  Including:

  • Packaging
  • Website
  • Social media
  • PR
  • Pos material
    Email marketing

To name but a few areas!

Don’t forget:

Your story = Your brand values.   That’s how important it is.

If you want to learn more about how you can grow your food or drink brand visit www.relish-marketing.co.uk or email: jo@relish-marketing.co.uk

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