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Don't Think, Act!

Article by Sanjay Aggarwal from Spice Kitchen.



Several months ago we were contacted by someone asking if we had any masala chai spices. Growing up I pretty much drank masala chai every morning before school, even though most mornings I burnt my mouth as it was poured straight from boiling point into a mug by my Dad! 

We made some fresh chai spices and sent it out to a customer as a bit of a one-off. At the same time, we were asked by someone else if we did wedding favours and if we could pack our spices up for guests at a wedding. After much thought I stumbled across some amazing minature glass bottles with a cork on top and combining the requests from both customers, our masala chai wedding favours were born! 

Since launching this product several months ago we have sold thousands to engaged couples in the UK and overseas and have expanded our range to a whole range of teas and spice blends. We now can custom make stamps and also offer an option to match the string colour to any colour theme. 

This process has been a turning point for me and Spice Kitchen as I have started to realise how many opportunities there are. Sometimes if you just think and don't act they will pass you by! We are currently developing spiced chocolates with several artisan chocolate makers, launching a range of loose teas and also potentially looking at launching a spice masterclass at a cookery school. 

For any other entrepreneurs out there my advice is simple - dont think, act! 

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