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Black Friday - Don't Miss Out On Sales!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have really taken-off in the UK over the past couple of years and are now the biggest online shopping days of the year. 

Last year, sales on Yumbles over Black Friday weekend increased by over 100% compared to the previous weekend. As a much larger marketplace in 2015, we're expecting this year's sales to be even stronger.


Don't Miss Out on Black Friday Weekend Sales - Act Now

We'll be doing lots of additional marketing to promote your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. To take advantage of additional exposure and sales, start planning your promotions now. 


1. Decide which Black Friday deals you would like to offer 


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  • Black Friday deals will run from Friday, November 27th to Monday, November 30th
  • You can offer a discount on selected items or across your entire range - it's up to you
  • Priority in marketing will be given to the strongest deals (great products, great discounts!) 
  • You can limit quantities by making a certain number of units available at a reduced price




2. Let us know about your Black Friday plans by Friday, 13/11

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  • Complete the form to let us know the details of your Black Friday deals 
  • We will set-up the offer for you and promote your deals in our Black Friday category on the Yumbles website (subject to approval)
  • We'll feature the best deals in our marketing over the weekend 






Tell us about your deals by clicking here.

 To increase your chances of being featured in our newsletters and on social media, make sure you offer an attractive deal and have great quality product images! 

Note: We will set-up all your Black Friday deals for you, but you will be responsible for checking the prices of your products on the morning of November 27th.

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