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January 20% Off promotion funded by Yumbles

This January we're happy to offer all our makers a unique 20% promotion code that you can give your loyal customers - completely funded by us!


How to get your exclusive promotion code

  1. Head to the new Yumbles Promotions page
  2. Create a prefix to the code that you'd like to use with a minimum of 4 characters. This is to allow you to use your own brand name e.g. Jimmy's Kitchen might want to enter the pre-fix JIMMY so that the code generated is JIMMY20PCT
  3. Save
  4. The full promotion code will then be confirmed on screen for you


How to use it

Share the code with your fanbase via email, over social media, however you would like to so that they can claim 20% of their next order.

When sharing the code don't forget to direct customers to your Yumbles seller profile (shop) page so that they can easily shop your whole range.

The promotion is valid until the end of January so you'll probably want to schedule a few follow up reminder emails/ social media posts between now and then to get the most use out of it.


How it works

Please note that the promotion:

  • provides 20% off orders on Yumbles excluding shipping charges
  • is completely funded by Yumbles
  • is valid until midnight 31st January 2016
  • will apply across any products on Yumbles that they order not just your own
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