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Black Friday Promotion Weekend - Get Involved!

This year the Black Friday weekend runs from Friday 24th November to Monday 27th November.

Once again we will have a dedicated category on the site to feature all listings that are offered on promotion over the Black Friday 4-day weekend.  This category will be featured on the homepage.  We will also have several dedicated newsletters containing the best Black Friday deals in the run-up and over the 4-day weekend, plus paid online advertising and social media activity.


What are Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

A US import, Black Friday (and the Cyber Monday that follows) have really taken-off in the UK over the past few years and are now the biggest single online shopping days of the year kick-starting the peak Christmas period. 

For the past few years, the sales on Yumbles over the Black Friday weekend increased by over 100% compared to the previous weekend. Cyber Monday is one of the largest single days for orders on Yumbles (only behind a couple of particularly peak days in December).


Here's how you can get involved:


1. Decide what Black Friday deals you want to offer

  • You can offer a discount on selected items or across your entire range - it's up to you
  • Priority in marketing will be given to the strongest deals of at least 20% off 
  • You can limit quantities by making a certain number of units available at a reduced price


2. Let us know your Black Friday plans by Friday 11th November

  • Complete this quick form to let us know the details of your Black Friday deals
  • We can then include you in the marketing plans


3. Update your listings to show the discounts by Thursday 23rd November

  • From the Products page in the Seller Portal amend the Price field for the relevant listings on offer to show the discounted prices.  Leave the List Price field unchanged. The difference between the Price field and the List Price field will show buyers a discount has been offered. See the image below.
  • Important: if your listings have variants with different prices (e.g. larger sizes) then you will need to also edit the variant prices from the Options page within the listings.
  • We will see your changes and automatically include all discounted products in the Black Friday category that will be launched on Friday 24th November

NOTE: if your listings aren't shown as discounted by the end of Thursday 23rd November they won't be included in the Black Friday promotion.





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