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Seller Ratings

Key to the Yumbles experience and making sure that the marketplace continues to grow and thrive for the benefit of all of our seller community, is to ensure that not only is the quality of products exceptional across the marketplace, but so too is the customer service. 

Starting from end July 2021 every seller will be able to see their own Seller Rating which is a measure of their customer service.  In that way, sellers will be able to proactively monitor how they are doing and quickly identify if there are any areas of issue.  (This Seller Rating will NOT be displayed publicly to customers).

After an initial launch period, the Seller Rating will eventually have an impact on the visibility of your shop and products.  In this way the overall customer service experience on Yumbles is protected.  


What are the Seller Ratings? 

We have a simple three point Seller Rating system: 

Green represents a seller consistently providing great customer service.  This is where the vast majority of Yumbles sellers are expected to be (and all are hoped to be!).

Amber indicates that some aspects of a seller's customer service may be falling below a good service level and needs correction.   

Red indicates that one or more aspects of a seller's customer service is far below where it should be, and urgent action is needed.


How are they calculated?

Seller Ratings take into account 4 important indicators of customer service:

  • Customer reviews (Average star rating)
  • On Time Fulfillment (% orders dispatched on time in line with dates on the order)
  • Refunds (% of their orders refunded with charge, indicating that there was a seller issue i.e. customer cancellations are not included.)
  • Responsiveness (% customer messages replied to within 1 working day)

Your Rating is continuously calculated based on the last 30 days of data. 

The Rating has been designed to be a good and fair measure of customer service, and as such it does allow for the fact that despite best endeavours there may well be the odd order sent a little late or the odd customer message replied to a bit late. However those should be the rare exceptions and not more widespread.


What impact does a Seller Rating have?

When they are first introduced in July 2021 the rating will just be something you can see and where needed make adjustments to your service based on it.   

However after a period of time* your Seller Rating will affect the level of exposure and marketing your Yumbles shop is provided with.   If your rating is Amber or Red your exposure will be limited accordingly until your customer service, and therefore your rating, improves.

* These implications will not come into affect until at least early September 2021, we will notify all sellers ahead of time of that.


Rating Impact (from early September 2021)
  • Seller's products are considered for inclusion in Yumbles marketing, wherever relevant
  • Seller is considered for the Corporate Gifting Approved sellers list, if relevant
  • Seller's products are not included in any Yumbles marketing
  • Seller is not included in the Corporate Gifting Approved sellers list
  • Product listings may see their rankings within categories reduce, if the seller remains Amber for a period of time
  • Temporary account suspension pending a review. All product listings are moved to Hidden status so that they are not promoted on the website until Yumbles can review the seller's account and discuss the issues with them. 
  • Risk of account closure if Red rating is a recurring issue and customer service improvements are not seen.


Where can I see my Seller Rating?

Your Seller Rating and the metrics used to calculate it will be shown in the Stats Dashboard here.


I am Amber or Red - what should I do?

Take a look at the metrics that caused this rating to see where the issue is. 

If your On Time Fulfillment is too low it indicates you are either shipping orders later than the delivery timescales you communicate in your Yumbles shop, or you are marking orders as Dispatched later than the day you actually shipped them.

Therefore you will either need to adjust your order management (i.e. shipping orders on time and/ or marking orders as dispatched the day they are shipped) OR adjust your shipping settings if the problem is actually that you are over promising delivery timescales and not actually able to dispatch so quickly.

Note:  we do ask that you mark orders as Dispatched on the day they are shipped not a day or two later. This is not just an admin step,  it is essential good customer communication. Customers get notified when you mark an order as dispatched that it is on it's way and they are given the tracking (if tracked), so receiving that communication late is a poor experience and can also lead to delivery issues. 

If your Responsiveness to customer service messages is low then see how you can adjust staffing to ensure that time is allocated each (working) day to handling customer messages.

If the problem is with Customer Reviews then take a look through them and see what the complaints are about so that you can make adjustments where needed.

If too many orders are ending up with refunds then take a good look through the refunded orders to see why, and also take a good look at the advice we have in this guide on how to prevent customer issues from even occuring.

If you are Amber, once you start making changes your metrics will improve and your rating will accordingly change.

If you are on a Red rating we will also be reviewing your account and reaching out to you to provide you with urgent assistance to help you get back on track.



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