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Seller Referrals Policy

This policy is a part of our Seller Terms & Conditions. By participating in the Yumbles Seller Referrals program, you’re agreeing to this policy and the Seller Terms & Conditions.


As a Yumbles seller you can receive credits to be used for purchasing marketing packages (and in the future there may be additional add-on services you can also use these credits for), through the Yumbles Seller Referrals program. This Seller Referrals Policy explains the requirements you need to meet in order to receive credits.


How to qualify for credits

To participate you need to invite producer friends to apply on Yumbles using the application form.  On the form they are asked "How did you hear about us?" and they will need to select "Current Yumbles seller" and then enter your business' name.

If that applicant is then accepted, and as long as they are not already being set-up on Yumbles before they applied, you will receive credits once their Yumbles shop is launched.  We will contact you by email to confirm you have the credits and provide instructions on how they can be used.   

If you or your referrals do not comply with this policy you may not receive the applicable credits. Yumbles will not be liable for any such non-compliance.


Referral limits

There is no limit on referrals and therefore no limit on the credits you can receive.  You can refer as many producers as you like - but we do ask that they:

  • are independent UK businesses
  • they produce excellent quality food & drink (or kitchen accessories)
  • they can sell direct to consumers.

This programme is intended to help grow the marketplace by expanding the unique offering.

As per the terms above, you will receive credits for successful applicants, once launched.


How the credits work

The credits can be used to book any marketing package that is available.  (Please note that they cannot be used to pay retrospectively for marketing already booked).  In the future we may make available additional add-on services that you can use the credits towards. 

The credits directly associate to a financial value.  For example £100 credits means that you can use it to pay for marketing packages up to the value of £100. If you book a marketing package that is valued for more credits than you have then you can just pay the difference.  Likewise if you use your credits to pay for a marketing package valued for less than the credits you hold, then the remaining balance of credits is available to you for future use.

Credits are not transferable and may not be sold or exchanged for cash.

Yumbles reserves the right to cancel or rescind credits if it determines in its sole discretion that any party has violated this policy or Yumbles' Terms of Use, including through any fraudulent or misleading referral activity (for example, by using multiple identities, providing false or misleading information, or conducting any kind of funny business) or if the party’s Yumbles account is closed for any reason.





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