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Makers of the Year 2021

The Makers of the Year are our annual awards recognising the makers in our community who have had a particularly successful year, across 10 key categories - nine product categories and one "Newbie" award for a seller in their first year on Yumbles.


The awards are given to the makers who have seen strong sales in their category and consistently delivered great customer service (looking at factors such as % orders fulfilled on time, % orders refunded, responsiveness to customer messages).   A high bar on Customer Service is as paramount to the Yumbles experience as the quality and uniqueness of the produce so that factor has equal weighting to sales.

Congratulations to all of you!!


 Click the winners images below to see their shop and profile.Newbie_-_Instagram.pngKitchenware_-_Instagram.pngGifting_-_Instagram.pngAlcohol_Award_-_Instagram.pngFree_From_-_Instagram.pngConfectionery_-_Instagram.pngVegan_-_Instagram.png



This year we are doing this a little differently. The 10 winners are now the shortlist for the prize of People's Pick Maker of the Year 2021, which depends on the people's vote
Voting ends Friday 28th January 2022.  The winner will be announced via a Facebook live event on Tuesday 1st February 2022.

Good luck to all!

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