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Each month we run a giveaway or two across social media.


Benefits for you

For each giveaway the business providing the prize will have

  • their name and social media handle in the post (as well as photos and info about their giveaway product) and
  • for most giveaways an entry requirement will be that entrants must follow your business page, thereby driving you more followers.


What giveaway to offer

Your giveaway prize can either be:

  • a single product (for 1 or more winners or a quantity for 1 winner, please just let us know the number of units you can offer in one giveaway) or
  • a product bundle prize (please name each product in the bundle) or
  • a monthly subscription for a product for a set duration eg. a year of cheese, where you send the winner each month a different cheese from your range.  


How to participate

Complete our sign-up form if you want to get involved and offer up a prize in exchange for being promoted and gaining social media followers.

We will contact those whose giveaways we can schedule in (priority will be given to the most compelling giveaways), and confirm the date that the giveaway will run.


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