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Correct ingredient & allergen labelling for your products

It is essential that you provide correct information in your product listings and the ingredient & allergen related information in particular must be accurate.

This guide is to help you describe your products correctly.   



There are 4 sections within your listings to ensure that you have labelled correctly.

  1. Ingredients. List all ingredients and highlight in bold any allergens in keeping with food labelling requirements and best practice.
  2. Allergen Advice. Confirm here the presence of any allergens AND cross contamination risks in keeping with food labelling requirements and best practice. 
  3. Values. These include some of the main allergens that you can select to indicate if your products are free of it e.g. Nut Free.  These are displayed as indicators on your listings and also used by filters on the site. See advice on the correct use of Allergen Values below.
  4. Tags.  You can add descriptive tags to your listings for relevant keywords. These also must be accurate.  Only apply allergen related tags such as "Nut Free" or "Dairy Free" if the item is free of that allergen - see guidance on that below.


Allergen Labelling

When it comes to applying Values that refer to an allergen or Tags that refer to an allergen ONLY apply them if the product is free of that allergen including free of cross contamination due to following strict protocals.

If the recipe is free of the allergen but there may be contamination risk (e.g. if your product is made in a kitchen that handles nuts) do not select the allergen value nor apply any allergen tag.


Check the Allergen Values you are using

Unless your products are free of all 14 major allergens (without cross contamination risk), then we recommend that you urgently filter on your listings to see if an allergen value has been applied incorrectly, as follows:


  1. Go to the Products page

  2. Click on the 'Advanced search' on the left-hand side

  3. Expand the 'Search by product filters' option

  4. Scroll down to the filter on Allergen values

  5. Select an allergen to filter on, and search e.g. Dairy Free.

  6. The search results will show you any product listings that have that allergen value selected. If any products have been returned that should not have that allergen free value selected then click to edit the listing and uncheck that allergen free value (and any others incorrectly applied).
  7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 to run a search for listings with each of the allergen values.



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