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Royal Mail Strikes & Christmas Deliveries (UPDATED)

Further to the Royal Mail communicating earlier last posting dates for Christmas due to the ongoing strikes, we are now (Tuesday 13th December) getting reports that any further deliveries from now are at risk of not arriving in time for Christmas, and other carriers are likewise increasingly struggling.  

We have updated our onsite advice to customers about Christmas deliveries (see here) however, to minimise disappointed customers and costly refunds we ask all sellers to take the following 3 urgent actions. 


1. Christmas advance orders

If you have advance orders requested for Christmas delivery please consider when is best to send them depending on the services you use.  Almost certainly, given the pervasive delivery network issues, it is advisable to send them earlier than you usually would.

If they are not highly perishable, and especially if you are shipping with Royal Mail, we advise that they go out asap.


2. Christmas order cut-off dates

If you haven't already made sure that your cut-off dates reflect the latest realities then please do so urgently.  

Your cut-off dates should at least be within the last postal dates of the carrier you are using (here's Royal Mails last postal dates) - if not earlier given it appears that many networks are struggling.

Within each of your shipping options there is a field to confirm your Christmas Order Cut-off Date for that shipping option.  Read more on how it works here.


Update them here >>


3. Estimated delivery dates

Estimated delivery dates are important to shoppers year-round, but especially during the holidays.  Please make sure that your shipping settings (here) are showing realistic delivery estimates.  We ask that you check and update them as needed.


GUARANTEED DELIVERY - we strongly recommend that no seller is offering guaranted delivery at this time.  Make sure that within your shipping options the Guaranteed Delivery checkbox is not selected.



Want to add Tracked Express Delivery or update charges?

We recommend that every seller offers a Tracked Express Delivery option year round but it is even more so key at Christmas, particularly with the current delivery issues. If you don't already offer Tracked Express Delivery in your Yumbles shop,but you can, then get in touch to get it added. 

Likewise, if you are switching carriers to deal with the current issues and need your shipping costs updated then let us know. 


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