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How to....communicate last order dates for Christmas

For your Yumbles shop you have some delivery options ("Shipping Methods") offered to buyers.  For each option your delivery timescales have been broken down into

  • the time you take to dispatch the order ("Days to Dispatch") and then,
  • the time your shipping service takes to deliver  ("Days Needed to Deliver")

These settings combined calculate the Estimated Delivery Dates shown to buyers at checkout and then on their order confirmation.

With Christmas approaching you will want to make sure that the Estimated Delivery Dates shown to your buyers correctly reflect whether they will receive their order in time for Christmas.

To do that simply view and if needed edit your Shipping Methods in the Seller Portal using the guidance below. 


Default Settings

Unless you requested some specific alterations to your shipping timescales (such as you only dispatch on certain days or you need more days to dispatch orders) then you will have our default settings for the shipping methods that you offer.

The following table shows the default settings for the different shipping methods available on Yumbles and what the last order dates for Christmas are automatically calculated as for each.





Example - Standard Delivery

If you offer Standard Delivery with the above default settings then it means that you dispatch orders on weekdays only and you need a full day to dispatch orders so for example orders received by midday on a Monday will be dispatched on the Tuesday.  The delivery service you are using then takes 1 to 2 days to deliver and delivers on weekdays.

In this example buyers would be able to order the items using this Standard delivery up to midday on Tuesday 20th December to receive them in time for Christmas. Ordering on Tuesday 20th December in the morning will show buyers an estimated delivery date of Thursday 22nd-Friday 23rd December i.e. the calculations would assume dispatch on the Wednesday and then delivery by the Thursday/ Friday.


Royal Mail Recommended Last Postal Dates

The default settings defined above coincide with the Royal Mail recommended last postal dates.  I.e. they factor in your days needed to dispatch orders to give you time to post on the last postal dates.

The Royal Mail recommended last postal dates are as follows:

Tuesday 20 December 2nd Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
Wednesday 21 December 1st Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
Thursday 22 December Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®
Friday 23 December Special Delivery Saturday Guaranteed


Amending your settings

If you don't have the above default settings in place because you have non-standard delivery timescales OR the default settings don't fit with when you want to have a last order date, you will need to tweak the Days to Dispatch and/ or the Days Needed (to deliver) accordingly.

For example, if you offer just Economy Delivery and you would like to receive final orders for Christmas on Thursday 15th December you could increase the Days to Dispatch to 3 days.  You may also want to change the cut-off time from 12:00 to 23:59 if you are happy to accept orders all day that day and still get them delivered in time for Christmas.


Further communication of last order dates

These shipping method settings will tell your buyers at checkout when they can expect the items to be delivered and therefore if they will receive them in time for Christmas.

You may decide to further communicate your last order dates by adding a note in the description of your listings.


Going on holiday

The above guide is to enable you to manage buyer expectations of whether they can order from you in time for Christmas.  It assumes that you continue to fulfil all orders within your delivery timescales up to Christmas i.e. orders received after your last order timescales will still be processed but will arrive later than Christmas.

If however you are pausing fulfilment of orders altogether before Christmas - or indeed after Christmas - you will also need to complete your Holiday Settings - see this guide for how.


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