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Introducing Yumbles Trade Directory

As the top artisan food marketplace in the UK featuring an unprecedented number of incredible hand-picked makers (i.e you!), we’re in a unique position to provide the go-to-directory for the best of the UK's artisan producers to a range of trade parties.  So now we do!

With the new Trade Directory we will be getting your business in front of thousands of potential trade customers - retailers, cafes, restaurants, hospitality and so much more - every month.


How it works

By having an account on Yumbles you are now automatically included in this directory and as a result, included in our marketing to trade customers as described below.

The content for this directory is taken from your Seller account profile (see below).

Via this directory  trade customers can:

  • contact you directly via the Yumbles messaging system
  • view your Yumbles shop to see your full product range.


Trade orders

Our goal here is to simply raise your profile with trade customers and enable the connections.

We appreciate that managing trade orders can have different requirements to consumer orders.  

To keep things simple for now any trade connections that you make via this directory that lead to an order you can either:

  1. accept and manage their orders in the same way that you would bespoke orders (see our guide).   These orders will be subject to our standard service fee.  If the trade customer wants to go on account let us know, we can manage invoicing for you too.
  2. Or, arrange for that trade order outside of Yumbles via your own systems*.


In the future we will, with your input, see if we can add trade order capabilities as part of the Seller Portal.

(* This is an exception we are making for trade orders.  A reminder that all consumer and corporate gifting orders facilitated by Yumbles must continue to be managed and paid for via Yumbles platform, to do otherwise is considered fee evasion and risks immediate account closure.)


How we will market the Trade Directory

We will begin promoting this directory from the end of November but with a big push from January 2018. 

We will run various online advertising campaigns to reach trade parties as well as market to our growing trade database via email.

Email marketing will include:

  • Featured sellers (we will rotate through as many of you as we can over a year)
  • New products (we will pick the best new listings on Yumbles to showcase to the trade list each month)
  • Trends & insights


How you can update your profile

The following elements from your seller account profile are shown in the directory:

  • Cover photo. Must be a high quality lifestyle photo that best illustrates your brand and range. Must be square dimensions.  Should not contain any graphical or text elements as overlays, nor be a collage of images.  Your cover image is used extensively: it is the main image on your Seller brand page, and a cropped version of it appears on all of your product listings as well as on the trade directory. Also, if and when we feature you on the Yumbles homepage in the Maker slots it will be the main image shown.
  • Logo. The image you upload must be square dimensions to avoid cropping issues.
  • Short description.  In one to two sentences explain (in the third person) what you do and crucially what makes you special - what your USP is.   This short description is currently only shown on the trade directory.


To edit your profile click on your seller name in the top left hand side of the Seller Portal.

IMPORTANT: Please do abide by the content guidelines indicated above.  We maintain high content standards across the site.  If your profile falls short of these standards you may see your visibility on Yumbles diminished or we may contact you asking for urgent correction.

As always if you need any help or advice let us know.

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