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How to...capture bespoke orders


To capture the order and take payment for a bespoke request you simply need to create a new product listing.  This listing can be non-public.

REMINDER: all payments related to orders with Yumbles customers including for bespoke requirements must be made via the Yumbles platform.  Payments taken outside of Yumbles are considered fee evasion and can lead to account suspension.


Follow these simple steps to create a bespoke product listing:

  1. Go to the Products page
  2. Click on “Add New Product”
  3. Create a basic listing: product title, description, price, available to buy quantity as you would a normal listing.
  4. Use Options to list all the choices customers can make e.g. colour scheme, upload a logo file, flavours, sizes, shapes etc.
  5. Set the listing status as Hidden if the listing has been created specific to that customer’s needs and you don’t want to make it publicly available on the marketplace as a bespoke service.
  6. Send a message to the customer providing them with the page link to the bespoke listing.  The URL of your listing will be in this format: www.yumbles.com/product-listing-name.html. For example a product listing with the product name Bespoke Cake Pops would be: www.yumbles.com/bespoke-cake-pops.html
  7. Your customer can then complete their requirements on the listing page and checkout and pay as normal.  You then receive their order to fulfil as normal, once paid.



  • if you have agreed different shipping charges to your usual Yumbles shipping charges then include those charges in the bespoke listing pricing and then on the Shipping Properties tab mark the listing as FREE SHIPPING.  This will prevent your usual shipping charges being added at checkout to this bespoke order.
  • When the customer pays they will get an order confirmation which also acts as their invoice.  If VAT is applicable to your quote then make sure you mark the taxes box in your listing.
  • if a Corporate customer wants to pay "on account" i.e. be invoiced with payment terms, we can arrange that for you (email the hidden URL to us via sellers@yumbles.com) BUT only if:
    • it is for a large order (over £100)
    • they have paid upfront by credit card for at least one order via Yumbles already
    • they are a registered business (corporate customer)




TIP: to capture more bespoke requests you may be able to publish the listing as Active so that other customers can see what you offer and order.    Here’s an example of a bespoke product listing allowing for very open requirements with three tiers of pricing.



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