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Communicating with customers

The Seller Portal has the tools you need to communicate with your customers and we recommend you keep all communications tracked in this way through the Seller Portal to protect yourself against (albeit rare) issues.


Sending a message to a customer

  1. Locate the order from your Orders list
  2. Click on the order
  3. Click on Contact Customer button on the left hand side
  4. Post your message 

Your message will then be sent to your customer via email.


Receiving replies to messages

When customers reply to your message their reply will also be sent to you via email as well as tracked as part of the full conversation within the order itself.

When they or you receive messages by email be sure to click on the "Reply to this message" button within the body of the email to reply back to them.  


Your Inbox

All exchanged messages both with customers of orders, and with potential customers contacting you via the "contact the maker" feature on the site, can also be found in your Inbox.


Need to send or receive a file attachment?

You can't currently send attachments via the Seller Portal messaging, however all they or you need to do is upload the file(s) on a file sharing site like Dropbox and share the URL for them or you to download the file.


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