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How to List your Products (Video)




You can add new products to sell, and edit your existing product listings, all from the Products section of the Seller Portal.


Click on the video above to see the key steps.


Our top advice for creating effective listings:


1. First watch our webinar for How to Create Product Listings that Sell.  And also check out the product listing guidelines.

2.  Write a succinct yet descriptive listing title so that it is clear to customers what the item is you are selling, and also has the most important keywords in it to help ensure that your listing is returned in relevant search results.

3. Write a fantastic product description.  Don't scrimp on this - make sure it is well structured (easy to scan), well written and covers all key information. Why? Firstly it will significantly help the exposure of your product listing via search results, then when buyers land on your listing page it is key to convince buyers that your product is special and then finally answer any questions they might have before purchase.  If basic questions like shelf life (for perishables) are not anwered then customers will not proceed to buy.

4. It is mandatory to complete ingredients and allergen advice for your listing if you are selling food items.   This is a legal requirement and also essential for maximising your sales as it is key information customers look for before they purchase.

5. Complete the Values that you will find as a tab within each of your product listings.  Values power filters on Yumbles so they are key for exposure of your listings and also provide important at a glance information to buyers. Select all Values that apply to your produce particularly the Artificial Ingredients Free value if it applies which it should for most items on Yumbles. If many Values are common to your products you can add them to all using the global Values page.

6. Add fantastic photos that show off your produce - and don't limit yourself to adding just one photo.  Buyers are far more likely to buy if they can see exactly what they will get. Take a look at our photography guide.

7. Where relevant, create options to give your customers choices such as size, flavour, special diet variations.  If it is a gift don't forget to add a gift message option - many items are sent directly to recipients so buyers look for that.

8. It's all about the keywords. Help buyers find your product listing by making sure your product listing title is clear and descriptive of what it is (include keywords!), the keywords are repeated in the description and then also complete the Tags page.


Check out this example listing - one of the top sellers on Yumbles.


Note: whenever you add new product listings (or edit existing listings) they are not published on the site until the Yumbles team have checked and published them.  Give it a few hours – at peak times up to 48 hours for new listings – and you will receive confirmation that your changes are live on the marketplace.


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