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Subscription products

On Yumbles you can create two types of subscription products:


1. Fixed Period Subscriptions



These are subscriptions for a finite period and paid in full upfront. This format is particularly recommended for gift subscriptions.

For example: monthly cake slice club where customers choose from 3 months, 6 months or 12 months and pay for the full duration when they order.

To offer this kind of subscription:

  • create a product listing exactly as you would any other product
  • DON'T mark it as a Subscription Product (that's for the rolling subscriptions - see below).  
  • Create an option for the customer to choose the subscription time period (E.g. "Please choose subscription period" and then option variants of "3 months", "6 months", "12 months")


2. Rolling Subscriptions



These subscriptions are ongoing for no limited time period, and are paid at the time of each delivery.  These are ideal for offering subscriptions to items for self-consumption.

For example: a tea club where you opt to receive a surprise set of teas each month/ quarter.  

To offer a rolling subscription:

  • create a product listing as normal but select "Yes" for the field "Subscription Product".  
  • Specify what frequencies to offer (this will be presented to the customer as a mandatory option with a drop down list as per the example above)
  • Choose the default delivery frequency (typically this is monthly or quarterly, but depends on what you're offering)
  • Choose the minimum subscription period if you want to set one


When customers checkout with this product in their basket they are effectively subscribing and the first order is the first delivery for you to fulfil. The Yumbles system will thereafter automatically create fresh orders for all of your subscribers in line with their requested delivery frequencies so you don't need to keep track of anything, simply fulfil orders as usual.


TOP TIP: Don't just match your typical product prices to calculate your subscription charges, offer a good price incentive to encourage customers to subscribe i.e. Subscribe & Save.  Remember you can set a minimum subscription period that customers must subscribe to, to enjoy the lower pricing.


IMPORTANT: if you select that a product listing is a Subscription Product using that field in the product form then it will ONLY be available to buy on rolling subscription, not one time purchase.  Therefore create rolling subscriptions in product listings separately from your one time purchase listings.



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