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Introducing Subscribe & Save


From next week you will be able to offer your products on Yumbles with an automatic subscribe and save feature.

This is a fantastic, simple way to gain strong repeat custom.


How it works

  • Customers who choose to subscribe receive a 10% discount off their initial and subsequent subscription orders (the discount is applied to the product pricing, not shipping)
  • They can choose a subscription frequency (the default is monthly)
  • Each time a repeat order is due the Yumbles system automatically raises a repeat order for the customer, for you to fulfil as normal.
  • Each order is raised at the current selling price of your products (less the 10% discount) and current shipping charges.
  • Customers can cancel their subscriptions at any time from their Yumbles account from 14 days after the first delivery is dispatched.  This will stop future repeat orders being raised for them.


Who funds the discount

To support you we are funding 5% discount, you the maker fund just the other 5%.

For example, if you sell a product priced at £20 with £3 shipping that a customer orders on subscribe and save, they will pay £21 (£18 discounted price + £3 shipping) for the order.   As the seller you will receive the order value of £22 (£19 discounted price + £3 shipping) less our commission fee.


Action: offering Subscribe & Save in your Yumbles shop

Excluding gifts, special occasion items (wedding favours etc) and accessories, all other items listed on Yumbles will by default have Subscribe and Save enabled.

If you don't want to offer subscribe and save on any of your listings then simply go to your Products, click on a listing that you want to edit and change the Subscribe and Save field you will find to state "No".




FAQ: When is Subscribe & Save being introduced to customers?

Next week (week commencing 25th April) we will show all Yumbles customers that subscribe and save is available for all products where this feature is enabled.

As per the above, Subscribe & Save will be automatically enabled for all listings apart from Gifts, Accessories and Special Occasions so you don't need to do a thing (unless you don't want to offer it for some products).


FAQ: What is happening to rolling subscription listings?


With the launch of this feature we will be removing the rolling subscription feature where you could create separate listings specifically offered on repeat subscription, as this is no longer necessary. 

All of your current customers who are on an active rolling subscription will be migrated to the new subscribe & save subscriptions for you, and they will be notified.

If you would like to continue to offer a particular rolling subscription and it is not covered by the subscribe and save feature on your existing listings then simply create the listing and enable subscribe and save on it.

You can continue to separately list fixed period subscriptions (subscribing for a set amount of time, all paid upfront) such as the gift subscriptions.


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