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Advance orders

Advance orders is a hugely popular feature on Yumbles that enables buyers to order what they need for a later date whether it is a gift they want to arrive with the recipient around the correct date, items they want for Christmas, or a wedding cake to be delivered fresh in time for their big day.

Buyers select this at checkout. 

At checkout buyers are presented with your shipping options, see your default timescales based on your settings, and at that point can choose for a later delivery if needed, as follows:




If the shipping option has not been marked as a guaranteed shipping option in your settings, then buyers are informed that the later date they choose is not a guaranteed delivery date.  They can expect delivery around that date.

If you have a Tracked Express (or Saturday or Sunday) shipping option that you have marked as a guaranteed delivery option in your settings, then buyers will be able to choose an alternative guaranteed delivery date.  This is particularly ideal for gift buyers who often deliver straight to their recipients, and those buying perishable items needed for a particular date.

When advance orders come through to you they will be flagged accordingly based on these two types of advance order:

  • you will see a DELIVERY LATER BY [DATE SELECTED] flag if the customer requested later delivery but did not pay for a guaranteed delivery shipping option (if you have one).
  • you will see a GUARANTEED DELIVERY ON [DATE SELECTED] if they customer paid for a guaranteed delivery option and then picked a specific date for delivery.  


Dispatching Advance Orders

The DELIVERY LATER BY Advance orders need to be dispatched at a later date that aims to be delivered as close to but no later than the requested delivery date.   So for example, if you are shipping on a 1st class Royal Mail service it would be prudent to dispatch it 2 days before the requested date.

Don't ship too early - there's a reason they asked for the later timescale!!

The GUARANTEED DELIVERY on advance orders obviously need to be dispatched on a guaranteed delivery service to achieve the requested date.

Advance orders can be seen on the filtered Advance Orders tab, and will also appear on your Due for Dispatch filtered tab when they are within a few days of their requested delivery date.

You should also receive an automated reminder around 1 week before an advance order is due but never rely on email reminders, make sure to keep check on your Due for Dispatch list to see what's coming up.




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