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Tips: what's in a (product listing) name?

Your product listing name serves a function far more than you've considered offline when choosing your product names.

Your product listing name helps determine how many people even see your product in their search results, and also how many then go on to view your product. 

Here's our top 5 pointers for effective product listing names:


1. Make it descriptive - what is it?

It sounds obvious but can be easily forgotten.  On a marketplace (and in search results on search engines like Google) your listings are viewed independently and out of context from your full range.  Make sure your product listing name describes what the product actually is: "The Dark Collection" makes for nice branding but "The Dark Chocolate Bar Collection" is much more effective.


2. Include keywords

Think about the most pertinent keywords about your product that potential customers will look for, and consider including them in the product listing name. See our guide to keywords here.


3. but....Keep it succinct

All search results, whether on the Yumbles marketplace directly or when your product pages are surfaced in search engines like Google, limit the number of characters displayed.

While character limits will vary generally aim to say what you crucially need to say in 30-35 characters.

So no listing names that start with "Dairy Free, Gluten free & Organic Handmade Artisan…" - what is it??

Make like Chanel and see if there are any superfluous words in the product listing name and take them off. Or at the least make sure all the key words are at the front of the product name so they are what are seen in search results. 


4. Avoid promotional text

"Free shipping" "Discounted Price" "20% off" - don't include promotional text like this in your product listing names, search engines just don't like it and nor is it allowed on Yumbles, all because it is just not user friendly. 


5. Don't shout!

For the same reasons as the point above, avoid using all capitals. Use title case - much more user friendly.





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