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Introducing Values

As a pioneering natural foods marketplace our mission is to make it easy to find and enjoy the very best small batch, all natural produce that meets the needs and lifestyles of conscious eaters.

Core to delivering that experience is having key information available for customers about your produce. 

Therefore the data you provide with your product listings matters and has a significant influence on your exposure and sales.


What are Values

We have introduced a list of Values which are attributes that may describe your produce, and that reflect key factors that conscious food buyers look for - from special dietary needs to health claims to social/ environmental and animal welfare factors.

The Values are grouped into four categories:

  • Lifestyle & Diets (gluten free, vegan, raw etc)
  • Health & Ingredients (no added sugar, low sodium, dairy free etc)
  • Social & Environmental (made to order, fair trade etc)
  • Awards & Certifications (Great Taste Award Winner, organic certified etc)


How are they used? Why should you apply them?

These values are used extensively on Yumbles:

  • to power key categories,
  • as filters to help customers find what they need,
  • shown as key information on all product detail pages.  


If you haven't completed the Values for your products they will not be seen as widely as they could be.


How to apply Values to your products

To ensure that your produce gets the recognition it deserves and gets maximum exposure please ensure that you correctly select all Values that apply to your products.

If you have many common Values for your listings then you may want to use the global Values page to apply relevant common values to your products in bulk.   

You will also find the Values available to select for individual product listings on a dedicated tab labelled "Values" within every listing.


Accurate Self Certification

To make sure that you correctly select the right Values for your products please read our Values Glossary.


Please note: accuracy of information is paramount. Inaccurate selection of values may lead to temporary or permanent restrictions on your Yumbles account. 




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