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Christmas Deliveries


For all seasonal occasions but particularly Christmas it is important to list your products on Yumbles as early as you can to take full advantage of all the marketing efforts.   

For Christmas we ask that you list by end September at the very latest. 

So how do you achieve this when your produce will only be shippable weeks later?  Or if your seasonal produce has a very short shelf life so you want to avoid customers ordering for delivery too soon?



Seasonal items available for Pre-Order


If you offer seasonal items that are only produced/ available for shipping closer to the seasonal event due to your own production processes then use the Availability settings in your listings to manage this. 

See our guide to Pre-Order items here.


Seasonal items with Short Shelf Life

If you offer seasonal items that have a short shelf life it is obviously key that the items arrive close to the time when the customer wants them. 

However you can't always assume that customers will only want your seasonal items on the actual day - for example perhaps they are giving gifts to clients in early December or hosting a festive party at the end of November. 

So in the case of short shelf life seasonal items rather than using the pre-order method to only make your short shelf life items available for shipping days before Christmas Day, we recommend another approach which is to add an option to your listings clarifying whether the customer wants the items for Christmas Day or not.

See the example below.  The option is called "Do you need this item for Christmas?" with two possible choices (variants) for the buyer, one where they confirm they do indeed want it for Christmas and understand the shipping timescales for that, and the other option enables them to confirm they want it for another timescale that they will confirm at checkout.







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