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How to....capture a bulk order with multiple delivery addresses

To capture a bulk order request order with delivery to multiple addresses, you simply need to create a new product listing - that is a clone of the product listing they want to order.  

This listing can be non-public.


Follow these simple steps to create a bulk order product listing:

  1. Go to the Products page
  2. Tick the checkbox for the product listing they want to bulk order
  3. Click on the cog setting icon in the top right to Clone the selected listing
  4. Change the title of the product listing to confirm it is a bulk order 
  5. Amend the pricing to show the total price for their bulk order INCLUDING the agree shipping charges for all delivery addresses
  6. On the Shipping Properties tab select the agreed delivery option as FREE SHIPPING to show that the price is inclusive of delivery.
  7. On the Options tab, add the option "Upload file with names, addresses and gift messages".  Save
  8. Set the listing status as Hidden if the listing has been created specific to that customer’s needs and you don’t want to make it publicly available on the marketplace.
  9. Click on PREVIEW to check the listing all works correctly and copy the URL of the listing, just removing the "?action=preview" part added to the URL.
  10. Send a message to the customer providing them with the page link to the listing.  
  11. Your customer can then complete their requirements on the listing page and checkout and pay as normal.  You then receive their order to fulfil as normal, once paid.



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