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Dispute Resolution Process

Trust is an incredibly important factor when shopping online.   To enable the Yumbles marketplace to continue to thrive, customers must have the confidence that when they shop on Yumbles they will have a great experience, or in the event of anything going wrong the confidence they will get the help they need to get it resolved.


It is for that reason that we very carefully hand-pick our makers not only for the quality and uniqueness of the food & drink they make, but also for their commitment to excellent customer service.   It is also why we have important House Rules that we ask all of our makers to adhere to, and why we also have some processes to monitor key service aspects such as order fulfillment.


Thanks to our wonderful makers, it is fantastic to see that issues are so very rare and customer satisfaction is extremely high.


Of course occasionally customer issues do crop up.  We ask that all of our makers do their very best to provide great customer service and resolve issues with their customers directly, following the advice we share in our customer complaints guide


Dispute Resolution

However, in the rare event that you and your customer really cannot agree on a resolution to an issue, either party can now more formally request that we Yumbles step in and provide dispute resolution.


We provide this third party input as a means to break any impasse you and / or your buyer may find yourself in.  We stress that this should very much be a last resort after your best endeavours to resolve the issue. 


Requesting Dispute Resolution

The Seller or the Buyer can request our assistance via the usual support channels.  For our Sellers you should email sellers@yumbles.com or use the contact form in the Seller Portal.   (Buyers can email support@yumbles.com or use the contact us page on the main website).


Dispute Resolution Process

We will then notify the other party that our assistance in dispute resolution has been requested, and we will ask both parties to share with us if there is any additional information we should be aware of over and above what is already discussed in messages that we can see between both parties on Yumbles.


We will then carefully review:

  • the details of the order,
  • the circumstances and timings around the fulfillment where relevant to the dispute e.g. the estimated delivery date on the order and the date it was dispatched
  • the communication messages between both parties on Yumbles,
  • any additional information either party chooses to provide.


Based on these facts of the case as reviewed. and in line with the best practice we have distilled in the complaints guide we will aim to identify a fair resolution.

We will then notify both parties of our verdict.   If we determine that a full or a partial refund is the fair resolution then we will issue that refund on the behalf of the seller.

We hope that the instances that we have to provide this dispute resolution continues to be exceptionally rare.  But know that we provide it as an important service to support both buyers and sellers and to ensure the all important trust in the Yumbles marketplace is safeguarded.











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