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Raising the bar on the customer experience - Issue Resolution Policy & Seller Ratings

As a carefully curated marketplace exclusively featuring the UK's very best artisan and independent food & drink businesses, Yumbles customers quite rightly expect both fabulous quality products and exceptional customer service to match it. 


Ensuring consistently excellent customer service across the marketplace in turn benefits every single seller.  The marketplace will continue to thrive and flourish if we collectively make sure that customers can trust in both the quality of products and service.  On the flip side, as the saying goes, one bad apple can spoil the cart (or is it barrel?!).


Over the past 12-18 months we have introduced several features to further help our sellers deliver excellent customer service including integrations with Royal Mail Click & Drop and DPD Local for more seamless fulfillment and tracking communication on orders, and an improved customer messaging inbox.


We are thrilled to now introduce two more customer experience focused changes to help further power the success of the marketplace for our entire seller community.


We share the details of these changes below.   As always, any questions or feedback on these changes are very welcome, just get in touch.



NEW - Issue Resolution & Refund Policy

We know that despite best endeavours it is not always easy to handle customer issues.  We have for some time now shared all the best practice for handling customer complaints in our Customer Complaints guide however we are now taking it a step further to ensure that any customer issues are being dealt with across the marketplace to a consistently excellent level of customer service. 

Moving forward we ask that all sellers resolve customer issues in line with this new Issue Resolution & Refund Policy.   This policy sets out most of the possible issues that can arise, and how we expect all sellers to resolve them, as a minimumPlease do read this policy and make sure that you adhere to it moving forward.  As always we are available to help advise you if you are not sure.

We do also stress that most customer issues can be avoided altogether if you follow the best practice for managing your Yumbles shop and orders that we have summarised in this guide.

Read the policy >>


NEW - Seller Ratings

To help you proactively identify how as a business you are doing in terms of customer service and if there are any areas where you may be slipping down, and also to ensure that we don't have the odd "bad apple" negatively affecting the whole marketplace with poor customer service, we are introducing a simple Seller Ratings system.

Your Seller Rating will only be known to you, and to us.  It will not be shared with customers  - your customer reviews will continue to be the public facing indicator for customers to see.

Your Seller Rating will have implications on your Yumbles shop and marketing. To protect the customer experience on Yumbles, any sellers not achieving consistently excellent customer service will see the rankings of their listings on the site diminish and our investment in marketing them and their products reduce, until their customer service is improved.

The Seller Ratings will be introduced in the coming weeks - stay tuned for an announcement on that.  Initially when it is introduced your rating will NOT have any impact on your Yumbles shop. We will give you a good period of time to see your rating and make any adjustments to your customer service if needed, before the rating has an impact.


Find out about the new Seller Ratings >>







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