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Seller Referal Program - Earn a £100 voucher for marketing spend

Seller Referral Program 

With the Seller Referral program, you can earn marketing spend and also help grow the marketplace! Double win!


What is the Seller Referral program?

The Seller Referral program is a way to reward our sellers for referring fellow producers to apply to sell on Yumbles.


To help the marketplace continue to thrive and grow, we are on the lookout for more of the UK's most talented food & drink producers.   


We carefully curate, only selecting producers whose products are unique to what is already on the marketplace, are excellent quality and are also a strong fit for the Yumbles audience.  By widening the types of products that can be discovered on Yumbles, the marketplace will grow, and you will benefit!


What is the referral award?

Invite your fellow producers to apply on Yumbles and will reward YOU with a £100 voucher for every referral of yours that is successful and launches.  


You can use these vouchers to spend on any Yumbles marketing package.  They can also be used for Christmas marketing packages when they are available.  The vouchers can store up to be used in aggregate like credits and any credit balance not used can be used for future marketing bookings.  Please read the terms and conditions.


Your producer friend will also have their first 3 months account fee waived thanks to you as a special referral offer.


How do I participate?


  1. Invite producer friends to apply on Yumbles using the application form.  On the form they are asked "How did you hear about us?" and they will need to select "Current Yumbles seller" and then enter your business' name.
  2. We (Yumbles) will review their application (usually within 1-2 weeks) and confirm if we can accept them.  We may ask for samples first to decide that.
  3. If the applicant is successful we will work with them to set-up and launch their shop.
  4. When they launch we will notify you and provide you with your £100 credit for marketing and let you know how you can use it. 


How many producers can I refer? And who should I invite to apply?

Invite as many as you like!  There is no limit on referrals and therefore also no limit on the number of credits you can receive for referrals that are successful and launch.


However we do ask that referrals:


  • are producers of food or drink! (or they put together unique foodie gifts/ hampers)
  • are independent UK businesses
  • produce excellent quality food/ drink/ foodie gifts
  • they can sell directly to consumers


We are particularly looking for bakeries, confectioners, free from & vegan specialists, farmers/ meat producers, and fish & seafood producers.  However we are taking applications from a wide range of producers, this list isn’t exhaustive.


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