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ShipStation Integration is now live!



As part of our ongoing focus on providing you with the best tools to help you succeed, we're thrilled to announce that another order management integration is now available for your Yumbles account - this time with ShipStation. 

For the full list of all available integrations see our Integrations guide.


About ShipStation

ShipStation helps ecommerce retailers import, organise, process, and ship orders efficiently no matter where they sell and no matter their size.  Say goodbye to the manual processes that weigh you down and build processes that delight. ShipStation provides the tools you need to create an unparalleled buying and delivery experience with every order.

Global ecommerce businesses trust ShipStation to connect everything in one easy-to-use platform.  ShipStation’s sophisticated automation features help you shave hours off your fulfilment process and will save you money with access to the lowest rates from the top couriers.

You can also:

  • Print wirelessly and share your printer with ease thanks to ShipStation Connect.
  • Batch print hundreds of labels with a few clicks.
  • Make ShipStation your own with filters, views, and user settings available to customise to suit your needs.
  • Handle your business on the go with ShipStation’s mobile app (free for iOS and Android) and do everything from creating orders to printing labels and emailing return labels all from your mobile device.
  • Take advantage of ShipStation’s marketing tools with branded tracking pages, confirmation emails, and custom packing slips.

All of this coupled with the support on offer from our expert team will then help you to expand by making your products available to more customers, build by helping you accelerate growth through use of automation and deliver by offering the best delivery experience for every order.

Connecting your ShipStation & Yumbles accounts

If you have an account with ShipStation then:

1) Contact us to give you an API key unique to your Yumbles account (please give us an email address not already being used with your account, as we need to create an additional user account for this API "user")

2) Check your ShipStation account available integrations and you should find the Yumbles one to connect to. If not then contact your ShipStation account manager to request that your ShipStation account be connected with your Yumbles account. Provide them with the API key when they ask for it.


Once this is done any new Yumbles orders will start appearing in your ShipStation account and you can manage them completely from there alongside the rest of your orders. Just remember to still login regularly to the Seller Portal to check for and reply to customer messages and of course update your listings when needed etc.


Trialling ShipStation

If you don't yet have an account, then ShipStation are exclusively offering Yumbles sellers a free 60-day trial (just pay for any shipping) and an upfront call to discuss their features and answer any questions you may have.

Simply confirm that you are a Yumbles seller when you complete their form to arrange a call and free trial.

Book a free trial >>


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