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5 steps to do first

Benjamin Chocolatier hard at work with his chocolate piping


So your Yumbles shop has just gone live, now you can sit back and wait for the orders to roll in right?

Well you could, but then you'd really be under-selling yourself!

Here's 5 simple steps to start off building strong momentum for your Yumbles shop.


1. Tell your fans you're now listed

Post on your social pages and email your database about your sparkling new Yumbles shop. Not only does it create buzz and give a good reason to communicate with your audience, the more orders you drive at the outset of your shop launch will help you get a higher ranking beyond the initial boost you get as a new seller.


2. Link to your Yumbles shop on your site

Insert somewhere on your site the link to your Yumbles shop (it will be in the format www.yumbles.com/your-seller-name)

You might want to make the link especially prominent if you don't have your own e-shop for those customers visiting your site keen to buy.


3. Testimonials

If you've previously received customer testimonials for your products that can be re-used add them in as reviews to your product listings. Simply view your product as a customer and click "add review".

If you have any major expert endorsements add those quotes in to your product descriptions.


4. Add our email address to safe senders

Your order notifications will get sent from info@yumbles.com - make sure these emails don't get lost via over zealous spam filters by adding this email address to the safe senders list in your email account.

Important: never rely on emails for order notifications, check your Seller Portal for new orders daily.


5. Get familiar with the Seller Handbook

There's a wealth of advice and tips in this handbook on how to be successful, particularly check out the Marketing Toolkit and also the Foodpreneurs Community to get advice from your peers.




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