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Order Management Changes

Introducing some key enhancements to your Seller Portal to make it easier than ever to manage your orders, fulfil orders on time and communicate easily with your customers.  

Read on below for all the details of what’s new!


1. One order management page

Advance orders are now combined with your regular orders on the one Orders page.  (See a recap on Advance Orders.)




2. Different order management views

Now you can easily view orders on the Orders page that need your action via several different views.

  • All, all the orders you have ever received.
  • Pending*, all new orders that you have not yet acknowledged by changing their status.
  • Overdue for dispatch**, all orders not yet marked as dispatched where the estimated delivery date (or requested approximate delivery date for advance orders) is today or earlier.
  • Due for dispatch, all orders, including advance orders, that are due for delivery within the next 7 days based on the estimated delivery date (or the requested approximate deliver date for advance orders) and are therefore imminent for dispatch.
  • Advance, all not yet dispatched orders that were specifically requested by customers for a later delivery date than your usual delivery timescales. See the recap on advance orders.
  • All un-dispatched, all not yet dispatched orders that need fulfilment (i.e. orders with status pending, processing or back-ordered)

* The Pending view will be highlighted in red if there are any pending orders received more than 1 working day ago and have therefore not been acknowledged on time.

** The Overdue for Dispatch view will similarly be highlighted in red if there are any orders overdue for dispatch. 



3. See at a glance when orders are due for delivery

The orders list now not only shows you the date when the orders were placed but also the For delivery by date that was previously seen only when viewing the order details page.  

Click on the column header to sort all orders in that view by the For delivery by date.


  • the "For delivery by" date for regular orders is the estimated delivery date that is automatically calculated from the shipping options and timescales you have specified for your shop. Find out more.
  • the "For delivery by" date for advance orders is the approximate delivery date requested by customers, when they wish for delivery later than your usual timescales. See advance orders.



4. More visible customer inbox

Your inbox that contains all messages from customers about specific orders, or product questions, can now be found in the main menu bar.

The number of unread messages will also be displayed.



5. Seamless communication when declining or back ordering an order


When declining an order (see a recap of order statuses) you will now be able to send a message to your customer at the same time explaining the reason for the decline.



When marking an order as back-ordered you will also now be able to send explanation to the customer at the same time, plus crucially amend the estimated delivery date on the order.





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