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Updating the order status



Keeping your order statuses up to date:

  • keeps your customers up to date. Notifications are sent to them automatically based on order status.
  • makes sure you get paid. Payments are only made for dispatched orders.
  • let's us know you're aware of and on top of your orders




Order statuses explained:

  • Confirm an order by marking it as Processing. Be sure to confirm all orders as soon as possible, always within 1 working day.  
  • If you aren't able to fulfil an order, e.g. a discontinued product, select Declined. The customer will be automatically notified and refunded within 7 days (often sooner). Do also send a note to the customer explaining why.  Make sure you disable the product listing to avoid more disappointed customers.
  • If you temporarily can't fulfil an order then use Back Ordered. We also strongly recommend that you edit the Estimated Delivery Date on the order and send your customer an explanation. Finally, make sure to update your inventory for that product changing the available to buy quantity to 0 (Out of Stock) for now to avoid more disappointed customers.
  • Confirm an order has been shipped on the day it is sent using Dispatched. That way the customer knows to watch out for the delivery. Remember to print the packing slips before you dispatch.
  • (Note: if a customer lets you know that they no longer want an open order then you can accept their cancellation by marking the order as Cancelled.  As per Declined orders, they will automatically be refunded within 7 days, often sooner - this is subject to their own banks processing times.)



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