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FAQs for Selling on Yumbles



What are the fees? Is there a joining charge?

Getting started and seeing for yourself the benefits of joining our marketplace is completely free, there is no set-up nor joining fee. We put our money where our mouth is! We’re highly curated and only invest in and launch shops we see as having great sales potential.

So, there is just a nominal account fee starting at only £6 per month (that only starts after your launch period has ended), plus a service (commission) fee on orders.  Find out more here.


How do I get paid?

We process payments automatically via BACS to your bank account on the 15th day of each month or the next working day if that falls on a weekend or bank holiday.


How does it work including shipping?

Yumbles is a marketplace so you are responsible for your Yumbles “shop” and directly receive and fulfil the customer orders much in the same way you would for orders via your own website.

You will receive order notifications by email but you are also provided with an easy to use online tool called the Seller Portal to view and manage your orders, contact customers, update your products, and other features to help you fully manage your Yumbles shop. We also have various integrations available to enable you to bring your Yumbles orders into any other systems you already use and manage them from there (see below).

You choose who you ship with and define your own shipping lead times and charges, which are then displayed to customers for your Yumbles shop.


What kind of marketing do you do?

When you first launch we run a launch marketing campaign for you (for free!), typically within your first month. That campaign typically includes featuring you in an email to our database of subscribing customers (over 500k), featuring a key product of yours on our homepage, featuring your range in our popular 'New' category, and social media. 

We will also start paid Google Ads for your brand and products that will run ongoing.

After your launch period, we have further opportunities throughout the year for your brand and products to be included in multi-channel marketing campaigns - from major sale promotions, to seasonal and gifting campaigns and more. You’ll also be put forward for all relevant PR requests that we receive. For key periods we have even more opportunities like our printed Christmas catalogue that is delivered to thousands of subscribers' homes.


How many orders will I get?

Your products will be put in front of thousands of relevant customers every month. The conversion of that exposure to orders depends on factors in your control - your product range, your photography, your listing descriptions, your pricing, your shipping timescales and charges, and more. We’re investing in your set-up and launch because we believe that your range has great sales potential (we only make money if you sell!), and we will advise you along the way to help you reach that potential. Our top sellers see 500+ orders per month and growing!


Do you have any integrations with my existing systems?

Yes, we have a range of features and integrations to make life as easy as possible to manage your Yumbles orders alongside any orders you get from your own website or elsewhere. Please see here for the current list, more will be added.


If I am already listed on other marketplaces, can I still join Yumbles?

Yes. Our sellers are free to list any of their products on any marketplace they please.  However if you would like to discuss what we can provide you with as benefits for listing exclusively on Yumbles, just let us know.


What is the notice period and any other terms and conditions?

There is no tie in period for listing on Yumbles. You can close your account anytime.  We invest heavily in your set-up and launch with no set-up fees and no tie in, we are confident you will see the benefits that the marketplace brings! 

Here are the full terms and conditions for listing on Yumbles.




How do I get set-up?

We make the set-up process as simple as possible, we understand how busy life is as a small business. That said, your success does depend on what you put in, and important factors like product photography are key to get right. 

Once your application is approved (which may include samples), we will create your account and help you with the 2-3 simple steps to complete your set-up. We provide close support throughout to make sure that your Yumbles shop is optimised for success. If you've got your product information and product photos ready, and know your shipping options, then we can help you launch within days.


How many products should I list? Can I start with listing just one or two products?

We strongly recommend to really make the most of the marketplace, and maximise your exposure and reach, that you start with a good range of products. Don't forget that when you launch, we undertake a launch marketing campaign for you and drive thousands of customers to your Yumbles shop, so to make the most of that opportunity alone you will want to show them a strong range. 

The number that you list obviously really depends on the nature of your own range and what you have - but as a general rule of thumb a range of at least 5 products is recommended. If you sell products in a range of flavours then we always recommend you list individual flavour packs but also a mixed selection pack and perhaps a smaller selection "taster" pack ideal for new customers to easily try your range. We also recommend that you list seasonal items as early as you can (you can list them on a pre-order basis). Christmas items, for example, we ask to be listed by mid-September.


Can I inflate my prices on Yumbles to absorb your fees?

No. We ask in our seller T&Cs that you don't have higher prices on Yumbles. We will invest considerably in marketing your brand and products and also encouraging repeat customers for you (actually most of our fee goes straight into marketing). If customers discover they can order from your own website for less, they will not order on Yumbles. Our fee is effectively a marketing cost like other types of cost of sale for you. Sales even to your own website are driven by your own marketing efforts whether directly or indirectly.


How will I be launched?

Once we see that your set-up steps are finished (your account profile is complete, you've let us know what shipping options you want set-up, and you have listed and activated at least a few product listings) we will check everything is optimised and then confirm your launch date. Usually this takes just 2-3 working days, a week at most.  Marketing to announce you to our customers and give you a good initial boost of exposure will then start usually within days of your launch.


How do I get help & support?

We work uniquely and collaboratively with each and every seller on Yumbles. We succeed if you succeed!

During your set-up you will have a dedicated set-ups manager helping you every step of the way. Once launched you can reach our dedicated Seller Support team anytime using the contact details in the Seller Portal

For advice and tips there is plenty of help in our Seller Handbook that is continuously updated. We also send out regular seller newsletters and host webinars and events throughout the year, all designed to help our sellers succeed.

We are also proactive in monitoring our sellers' performance and reaching out, particularly during your launch period to ensure you get a great start.  When we confirm your launch we will send you any impactful recommendations to enhance your Yumbles shop, it is important you consider those recommendations as they are based on our extensive experience of factors that really do make a big difference to online sales.

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