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New Seller? The top 5 FAQs


1. What are the Yumbles fees?

Check out our guide here.


2. What kind of marketing do you do?

Check out our guide here.


3. What kind of sales will I get?

By listing on Yumbles your products and brand will be put in front of thousands of relevant food buyers every week, and the marketplace is growing rapidly so the sales potential is strong.  Our top sellers see very strong monthly sales.

You have been accepted to list on Yumbles because we believe that what you offer is special and ideally suited to the Yumbles audience.  We believe in your sales potential so much we're investing up front in your set-up and launch for free.

We can't provide sales estimates for individual sellers - so much depends on you.  From the products you decide to list, your product images, your shipping options and charges etc.   You will find plenty of best practice advice on these areas, and more, in this Seller Handbook to be successful.  We'll also be at hand to give you regular advice along the way.  You might also want to check this guide out with some specific sales tips.



4.  How does the order process work?

The Seller Portal is the simple tool you will be given access to, to manage your orders and communicate with your customers as needed, as well as everything else to do with managing your Yumbles "shop". We also offer an API for you to manage Yumbles orders from your own existing systems.  You will receive email notifications for every order but we encourage you to not rely on emails in this way.

Check out our guides to managing orders and fulfillment here.


5. When do I get paid?

Check out our guide here.






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