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Order Monitoring & Account Suspensions

For the success of the marketplace for all our sellers, it is key to ensure an excellent customer experience. So, to that end, we have an automated order monitoring system in place to detect where sellers may not be on top of managing their orders, and take appropriate steps to provide assistance and support affected customers.

How to correctly manage your orders

The Seller Portal provides various features to enable you to manage your orders successfully. Our guide to managing order statuses outlines how orders should be correctly managed, see here.

Of course, if you should ever encounter any issues with managing your orders then simply contact us. We’d be happy to help.

How accounts are checked

Our automated order monitoring system checks for:

  •  Orders that are still in a Pending status for 2 or more working days, and/ or
  •  Orders not dispatched by the estimated (or guaranteed) delivery dates shown on the orders

Action taken for order management issues

In cases where order management issues are detected we have a 4 stage process as follows:


STAGE 1 - Email reminders

All seller administrators will first receive daily email notifications asking for their order to be urgently updated (or contact us for help).


STAGE 2 - Temporary Account Suspension

If after a further 2-3 working days those orders are still not updated, then your product listings will be temporarily removed from sale (Hidden) until we can see that orders are up to date. We will also try and reach you by phone wherever possible. This temporary suspension is essential to avoid any seller continuing to receive more orders when it appears they are not on top of their current orders.


STAGE 3 - Refunds

If we do not hear from you within 1 working day of a suspension, and your orders have not been updated then we will review your affected orders and reach out to your customers offering them an option to receive a refund.

Important: refunds we have had to action in this way on your behalf will have a refund charge levied on that order that is the equivalent of the usual service fee for orders.


STAGE 4 - Account Review

All seller accounts that have reached stage 3 will have their product listings remain unavailable for sale until we can hear from you to discuss the issues that you are facing with order fulfilment.

Impact on Seller Ratings

Do also be aware that not updating your orders to be dispatched on time will also impact your seller rating. Find out more about seller ratings here.


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