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Guide to...running a Price Promotion


Price promotions are a great way to acquire new customers and also boost your visibility.  If you run a price promotion on Yumbles you are automatically included in the highly visible Offers section of the site, and also have a good chance of being included as a featured offer in Yumbles marketing activities.


Setting up a price promotion

To schedule and run your own Price Promotions go to the dedicated Promotions page in the Seller Portal under the Marketing section.

Simply click on the New Promotion button and fill in the fields:


Name: this is for your  internal use only

Discount: simply choose the % from the drop down menu

Start: first day of promotion, start time will be 00:01am

End: last day, end time will be 23:59pm

Products: choose All for your promotion to apply to your entire range or select specific products. The list available will include Hidden and Disabled listings however the promotion will not activate your listings for you.


If you create a promotion that is to start the same day give it up to an hour after you have created it, for it to become Active (it will be in a temporary Pending Activation state at first). Otherwise, your promotion status will show as Scheduled and become Active from 00:01am on the Start Date.

Once a promotion is Active the listings specified to be part of the promotion will all be automatically discounted by the % indicated in the promotion. The discount will be applied to the amount shown on that date in the Price field (not the List Price/ RRP field).  The % discount shown to buyers will be as always the full % difference between the List Price/ RRP field and the now discounted Price field.

At midnight on the End Date the prices of the discounted products will be automatically reverted back for you to what had been the value in the Price field before the promotion started.  

You can disable the promotion if at any point you wish to stop it running before the end date.

Tip: don’t forget to check and update your stock levels before the start date of a promotion.


Promotions for Some Product Variants only

The Promotions tool will discount all product variants in your listings.

If you only want to discount particular variants (e.g. you want to offer 50% off a 500g product variant only) you will need to run it as a manual promotion by editing the pricing of the listing(s) directly from the Products page, when you want the promotion to run (and then manually changing prices back again afterwards).  

You cannot use this Promotions scheduler tool for promotions that don't apply to all variants in a listing.

Whenever editing your prices, particularly when there's variants, make sure to use the Preview button once you have saved your changes to check the prices are being calculated correctly for each variant.  Remember that the Price field in your listing is the price for the default product variant - then for other variants their price modifiers (i.e. what is added to or deducted from the Price if they are selected) are stated within the Option itself.

A % discount will be automatically shown and calculated by the difference between the Price field and your List Price/ RRP price field. Therefore make sure that the default (first position) product variant is one that is discounted.


Yumbles Promotions

At various times through the year Yumbles plan big promotional campaigns that you can choose whether you want to participate in or not. For example - Black Friday and the January Sale.  

These campaigns will have a lot of marketing exposure for the duration of the campaign period onsite, in email marketing, social media and more.

You will see the planned campaigns appear in the “Yumbles Promotions” section of the Promotions page and receive notification for new ones when they are scheduled.

The Pending status indicates that you will need to confirm if you want to participate or not.

You are able to choose if you wish to include some or all of your products in the promotion and also choose the % discount.  We usually recommend a discount of at least 20% to have impact, and for this reason we typically only feature offers of at least 20% off in marketing.

If you confirm you want to participate the status of these promotions will change to Scheduled and work exactly as per your own created promotions i.e your products will be automatically discounted for you on the start date, and reverted on the end date.


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