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Yumbles Marketing Calendar - Key Campaigns & Dates


To give you a good idea of the key marketing campaigns we run throughout the year , and how you can get involved we publish this high level marketing calendar approximately each quarter.


The calendar outlined above, and campaigns detailed further below, cover June to August 2023.  In August we will publish the September to December calendar incorporating the Christmas campaigns and opportunities for you.



Summer Sale - 25th June to 25th July 2023

Three times a year we run a big Sale campaign (Summer Sale, Winter Sale and Black Friday).  These are major multi-channel marketing campaigns with a dedicated Sale section on the site.    It provides a great opportunity to get your products seen by more customers and encourage them to try your products. 

You can choose to opt in to these promotions via the Promotions page of the Seller Portal.  (The same page where you can also create and run your own price promotions at anytime through the year.)

The earlier you schedule yourself on to the planned promotions the better - we plan out the marketing weeks ahead of time and look at who is scheduled to participate when deciding which products to feature.


To opt into the Summer Sale go to the Promotions page here >>

For more information on Promotions see here >>


Exclusive Offers - August campaign

Most months we run an exclusive offer campaign to provide a big burst of exposure for a seller.  These campaigns are very successful and generate a lot of interest. To find out more about how these work and the benefits see here.


To register your interest in running an Exclusive Offer campaign go here >>



Gifting Occasions & Seasonal Listing Deadlines

There are 5 major gifting occasions of the year that we do focused campaigns on - with the biggest campaigns being Christmas and Easter.

The campaigns for these gifting occasions launch some weeks before the event date - Christmas launches in October, and Easter is usually launched 5 to 6 weeks before.

For these campaigns our activities include:

  • curating a collection of the most relevant products in a dedicated seasonal category that will then be shown prominently onsite and used in all campaign marketing for the campaign duration
  • sending a preview of the seasonal collection out to our full database of journalists and bloggers as part of our PR efforts.
  • a series of dedicated email newsletters to our full customer database (where they are opted in to comms)
  • social media
  • extensive paid online advertising


Listing Seasonal Products

To ensure that your seasonally relevant items are included in these campaigns make sure that they are listed AND with an active status AND with an available to buy quantity by the Listing Deadline communicated for the key events - usually at least 6 weeks before the event (for Christmas the listing deadline is.


You can still list after these dates BUT it will not be maximising your potential sales because:  a) your listing may not be curated into all relevant categories as we finalise the curation for each seasonal category soon after the listing deadline, b) we will not be able to consider featuring your product(s) in the marketing that we finalise soon after the deadline and c) customers do shop early and make use of advance ordering!  


Create any new seasonal product listings in the Seller Portal.  See our listing guide.

If you're not yet ready to ship the items (but you're happy to start taking orders) then make use of the Pre-order settings in listings to show clearly to customers that your items are available on a pre-order basis.  See our guide to Pre-Orders.


NOTE: all of your existing listings will be automatically considered for each seasonal event.  Just update the listings if needed with any relevant information and make sure they are ACTIVE and have a positive number in the Available to Buy quantity box.


Other Key Campaigns

In addition to the promotion periods and major gifting occasion campaigns, each month our marketing also focuses on particular categories of product.

A common campaign we run each month is New In. Our customers love to see the latest products. If you have new products in your range we encourage you to list the in your Yumble shop. We will then feature them automatically in the dedicated and popular New category and cherry pick the best to feature in marketing emails, on the homepage and on social media.

For other campaigns we curate relevant makers and/ or products to feature in line with the theme.   

To boost your chances of being included in our campaigns see our Guide to...Getting featured in Yumbles marketing.


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