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Yumbles Marketing Calendar - Key Campaigns & Dates


To give you a good idea of the key marketing campaigns we run throughout the year, and how you can get involved, we publish a high-level marketing calendar on this page each quarter.   

In mid-January we will share the full Q1 2024 calendar, but in the meantime here's the key campaigns running through January 2024 and how you can participate.


Key Campaigns - January 2024

  • Winter Sale (Thursday 27th December to Monday 22nd January)
  • Valentine's Day collection launch from 22nd January.
  • Makers of the Year.  On 23rd January (TBC) we will announce the Makers of the Year.
  • Food trends 2024. From the start of January.
  • Veganuary. Throughout.


Winter Sale (Thursday 27th December to Monday 22nd January)

Three times a year we run a big Sale campaign (Summer Sale, Winter Sale and Black Friday).  These are major multi-channel marketing campaigns with a dedicated Sale section on the site.    It provides a great opportunity to get your products seen by more customers and encourage them to try your products. For more information on Promotions see here.

This year we have split the Winter Sale into two parts, so, you can choose to either participate in the full sale period (by opting into both parts) or just opt in from January (Part 2) only.  


To opt into the Sale go to the Promotions page here >>


Exclusive Offers - January campaign

Most months we run one exclusive offer campaign to provide a big burst of exposure for a seller.  These campaigns are very successful and generate a lot of interest. To find out more about how these work and the benefits see here.

We will run one Exclusive Offer campaign at the end of January.


To register your interest in running an Exclusive Offer campaign go here >>


Valentine's (Listing Deadline: 12th January)

We launch the Valentines 2024 collection and start marketing from 22nd January.

The campaign includes:

  • curating a dedicated collection of the most relevant products in a dedicated category that will then be shown prominently onsite and used in all campaign marketing for the campaign duration
  • sending a preview of the collection out to our full database of journalists and bloggers as part of our PR efforts.
  • a series of dedicated email newsletters to our full customer database (where they are opted in to comms)
  • social media
  • extensive paid online advertising

To ensure that your Valentine's products are included make sure that they are listed AND with an active status AND with an available to buy quantity by Friday 12th January.


List your Valentine's products in the Seller Portal here >>


If you're not yet ready to ship the items (but you're happy to start taking orders) then make use of the Pre-order settings in listings to show clearly to customers that your items are available on a pre-order basis.  See our guide to Pre-Orders.


Social Media Giveaways

Each month we run 1 to 2 giveaways on social media. Find out more about how these work and how you benefit here

For January we are looking to run a giveaway for Veganuary and a giveaway for Valentine's Day.


To submit your interest for a giveaway please complete the form here >>



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