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Yumbles Marketing Calendar - Key Campaigns & Dates


To give you a good idea of the key marketing campaigns we run throughout the year, and how you can get involved, we publish a high-level marketing calendar on this page each quarter.   


Key Campaigns - Q3 2024





Promotions / Sales

Four times a year we run a big Sale campaign (Spring, Summer, Winter and Black Friday).  These are major multi-channel marketing campaigns with a dedicated Sale section on the site.   They provide a great opportunity to get your products seen by more customers and encourage them to try your products.

Our Summer Sale ends on the 23rd July.

Outside of our sale periods you can also schedule your own price promotion anytime - and in doing so your offers will be showcased in our Offers secion of the site and we also pick the best offers each month to feature in our marketing.

For more information on Promotions see here.


To opt in to a Sale (or schedule your own) go to the Promotions page here.



Teacher Gifts and Exam Gifts

In Q3 the key gifting occasions centre around teacher gifting in July and exam gifting in August.  If you have items targeted at these occasions don't forget to list them as early as you can for us to consider them in our marketing.


List/ activate your gift products in the Seller Portal here


Seasonal Collections

Typically once a quarter we release a carefully curated seasonal collection of products that we promote on the homepage, in marketing emails and on social media. In September we will curate and promote an Autumn Picks collection showcasing the food & drink products from across the marketplace particularly ideal for the season.   If you have seasonal products, limited editions etc then as always list them as soon as you can to be in for consideration  - for Autumn Picks they need to be listed by early September.



Christmas Teasers

Throughout September we will start some early Christmas marketing to build momentum before the big launch at the start of October. We will announce information for sellers about the Chistmas campaign and marketing opportunities in early August but until then be aware that the listing deadline for Christmas products as always is around mid-September, the earlier the better! The earlier you list the more likely we will be able to include your products in our marketing planning that starts in August and concludes by end September.


DON'T FORGET: If you're not yet ready to ship the Christmas items (but you're happy to start taking orders) then make use of the Pre-order settings in listings to show clearly to customers that your items are available on a pre-order basis.  See our guide to Pre-Orders here.


Food Cupboard - category makeover!

In September we will be promoting a new look Food Cupboard category. The updates are all aimed at making it easier than ever for Yumbles food fans to find and buy the incredible items within that category. 


Social Media Giveaways

Each month we typically run one giveaway on social media. Find out more about how these work and how you benefit here.  


To submit your interest for a giveaway please complete the form here.



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